22 February 2012

Fly little birdie

Dear readers, If I could ask you - what do you consider to be more fun, studying or working, what would you say?  


  1. Depends on the work and the studying. If I'm researching for an art project I'm happy. If I'm in an office cube typing away....not so much.

  2. I'm agree. Even if it's not in an office cube. Most of the times our jobs are not the jobs we want, but what we study is what we like, even if its not funny all the time, but at least funnier than having a regular 8 hours job.

  3. You must study what your interested in. i spent 3 years studying fine art and loved every minute of it because i could choose what aspect of Art or my own experiences i wanted to look into more deeply. That was great fun! because its doing what you really want to do. i think you are a fine artist! because your doing fun things that are also meaningful

  4. It depends ... I'll say studying but if you have a good time and a job that you really like it can be fun !!!

  5. Hej, jag vet inte om du vet, men jag har sedan jag kollat min bloglovin i eftermiddags fått typ 10 inlägg från din blogg som igentligen är från någon annans, en del reklam typ iphone, en det bara vanliga till någon random blogg.. hoppas det bara är något fel som hänt..

  6. I love your little creatures, here. I do think that a meaningful job is the best thing but as I'm also in school I am not crazy about studying; perhaps it's the current Philosophy class...If I were you I would finish up your studies and get to work on this children's book about forests, discovery, animals and keeping the flow of creativity alive...love your animal creatures - the birds, cats, horses. You can see your passion in those and the mix of real and drawn and the line in between is where your future lies...

  7. The fun comes not from whether it be work or study, but rather from what the subject is.

  8. I loved the school environment & studying things I was passionate about (working in a studio with other artists is so much fun and really fosters productivity/creativity) and I loved being surrounded by creative, brilliant people (some of whom were my teachers) but as a former design major I can relate to your frustrations. When it came to my thesis (and even solidifying my own aesthetic/style) I was being pulled in so many different directions by teachers. I ended up with a job relevant to my degree (illustration, and I was a surface pattern designer)... but I find I was happiest working as a caretaker in the woods, living in a tent and composting human waste! Not at all related to my studies, or profitable :) So while I loved my studies, I found it occasionally frustrating... and I find work to be most fulfilling when it doesn't involve profit (or cubicles) but instead involves what I love.

  9. Studying studying studying!
    I miss being a student, work can suck you dry unfortunately. Or, it can make you more motivated to work even harder for what you really want... That is at least what happened to me. I´d rather be poor and happy, hey cliché! Something I miss from student days.
    Being a student represents freedom to me. The one thing I cherish the most in this world. I think I am going to go back to studying... :)

  10. when i saw your question to your readers, i really wanted to see the answers. for the first time really wanted to read comments, because hoped they wouldn't be suck a sugar.
    but everybody's talking of work and studying, oh! and so wide!
    well, i have the same problem with choosing. but as i'm searching for the answer by my own, i can say that the golden key is having a bit of all, being in the middle.
    you really can't be a machine without fun, it's neaded.

    greetings from Latvia!

  11. Rute, I actually get a little annoyed with all the people saying that studying is the best, but I know that when you study something you love it can be really nice... and I'm just bitter because I'm not enjoying my education anymore.
    I went swimming today and in the showers two ladies were talking about this! They said that the loved all the debated you could have in school and interesting lectures...but all in all the angst and pressure on you is a little hard to take for a long time. But it depends on where and what you're studying. When I studied photography my teachers were SO supportive and really made me believe in myself. Now it's the other way around!

    Thank you for commenting :)