17 February 2012

Bright orange acorn socks

When I rode my bike to ballet class yesterday it was literally raining ice and the streets were so slippery you could DIE. However, we were only 4 girls that showed, so I'm thinking some of the dancers did die on their way to class. Hopefully not.
I've had a lot on my mind lately but when we started dancing I forgot to think about all that. I got so far away from my thoughts that when the teacher said and know we'll do pirouettes across the floor I thought shit I have double pair of socks on me I can't spin. However, I knew that under my black socks I was wearing brightly orange socks with acorns on them. Socks no one is supposed to see. You know, like embarrassing underwear. But I took my black socks of and hid away behind all the other girls. Then the teacher turns around and everyone is looking at me feet and it goes all quite. I'm standing there in my wool long johns feeling uneasy.  I forget that I'm 23 and I think I'm 8 years for a moment and I think oh my god everyone is looking at my acorn socks. I put one foot over the other and say quietly I'm ashamed of my socks. My teacher says I was looking at you feet, not your socks. And then everyone is looking at me like what is the matter with you???
And so that pretty much sums up the eventful happenings of my thursday. 


  1. BEAUTIFUL second picture. What happened to you, in France, we call this a wind, where an angel is passing by... ;-)That is a moment of loneliness, happening to everybody!

  2. Beautiful pictures.
    I kind of were in a similar situation once when I wore two different coloured socks. I was so embarassed.

  3. Crazy socks is my trademark. Embrace them. Do not be ashamed!

    - s

  4. for how long are you dancing ballet? :)

  5. Aww, I'm sure your socks were cooler than the other girl's! heehee

    Love your photos - what a nice capture of you and your kitty cat! :)

  6. Ah not for long, this is just my second semester dancing!

  7. I love that ballet / ugly socks story. I can SO relate.