18 January 2012

we♥it inspiration

All Images from weheartit, from my ulicam heart
Photographers unknown

What would searching for inspiration be without weit? If I want to find a supernice supercosy picture of a bunny or a girl with freckles, this is the place I go to. How genius was it to gather all daydreaming people and make them share the photography they like? Only downside is that it is often hard to find the true source of the picture. Most things come from tumblr sites without credit to the artist. That's why I can't credit the pictures above. If anyone knows a photographer please tell me!
It will be interesting to see how long it can stay daydreamy though... and when people are going to start adding uncosy pictures. There is already a bit to much bieber, twilight and emo girl pictures stumbling in at every search. I don't know why someone with dyed hair and piercing sitting in their room have to tag themselves with mermaid.