29 January 2012

Watch out for bears

Me and Robert went to the forest yesterday... and realized that there was ice on the lakes so now I have to go skating. And there was this beautiful area in the forest were water had frozen under a bunch of trees, so it looked like trees growing out of a lake.

Gosh... it sounds like there is a party on our roof!!! But I'm not invited since it's a crow-party. The crows have been like crazy around our house. I can't believe our cat isn't more bothered about it. Lazy pouchy. 


  1. Wow did you really see that bear? So beautiful) And yey for crow parties! Love those birds.


  2. That is a beautiful shot. Bears are so amazng!

  3. Andra bilden påminner mig om råkkraxanden när man går under träd på höstkvällat. Fin, fint! Har du förresten lagt upp en gammal bild på mig på bloggen i smyg? :)

  4. Hey, no the bear picture is from a few months ago when I went to the zoo, I just never found the right post to put it in, but I liked it toghter with the tree shot I made yesterday.

    Mina...vaaa...nä du posade ju för mig i röd klänning för en vecka sen..minns du inte?