25 January 2012

Walk with the ostrich

Lollo the cat had one of those days. Those days that went by and you never even remembered what you did. He asked his taxi, Olle the ostrich, to take him for a walk. He sat on Olles back, watched the pale landscape and sighed. They went by the berry bushes and Olle the ostrich asked Lollo if he wanted to stop for a little snack. Lollo just tapped his tale on Olles butt and snapped that he should keep walking. Let's hope tomorrow will be a better day for Lollo!
I recognize this feeling. Feeling small, chubby and bored. Sitting on your butt. Haha, don't you?

Larger images from The girl with 7 horses can be seen on C♥HEADS MAGAZINE

Also thanks to some sites that have mentioned the project:
Unicorn/Dream magazine
Ever So Lovely
SNAP! Magazine
Happiness is...


  1. how sweet) and the little story is wonderful!


  2. Katrina - I've started to make your catfaces as well, they're so adorable >'.'< !!

  3. I've just discover your blog and I adore it. Your inner world is so rich and beautifull. I'll continue following your short stories and drawings.

  4. Hello :)
    Can I ask you, what kind of technique you use in creating your beautiful illustrations?
    They are lovely.. thank you!