16 January 2012

Strange desaturations

There really is quite a difference between black and white and black and white.
Whenever I get the chance to teach photoshop I try to inform people about how to desaturate their photographs correctly. I think the upper picture looks so strange! And that's just by turning the magenta tone a tad wrong. Apart from the BW it's a 4 second exposure... so half my face is on half my face. Hah.

And - it seems that the braid GIF has been re-blogged and re-tumblred and what now over 40 000 times (and counting) - without any directions back to me. Please, please, if you reblog my photos, respect the copyright and link back to me. Thank you!


  1. Hi, I have a Tumblr blog and I definitely linked back to you. I have a page on Tumblr about how citing sources is incredibly important, and another on how Pinterest and Tumblr shouldn't be used as sources by bloggers. I am sorry people didn't read your very clear copyright statement about putting in your name and blog and a link back to your site if they reposted anything from your site. I did :) http://truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/post/15809750503/braids-by-ulrika-kestere-on-her-blog-ulicam

  2. Hi, yes I actually think that everyone that reads my blog and reblogs from it links back to me, but then those who reblog my pictures from my readers don't bother to return the favor :(
    But thank you for respecting the copyright!

  3. Yes, but if they reblogged it from me on Tumblr, then your link would automatically be in there. But obviously if you got over 40,000+ hits, more than one person put it on Tumblr, got it from your site, and ignored your copyright. This has happened to me on YouTube where people take my video off my channel and put it on a new channel giving me no credit - at least YouTube has an amazing copyright protection policy and it's super easy to fill out their online form to get stuff taken off ASAP - usually an hour or so. If it's on YouTube and NOT your channel - go after them using YouTube's Copyright Form.

  4. Ah, that's good to know in the future!