30 January 2012

Music box

As some of you might know, I'm doing my bachelor project in design this semester.
My brief for the project is still rather vague, but it's something like creating a creative object that either gets you mind going or makes it stop spinning. It's supposed to be some sort of abstract puzzle, like my composed animal was.
I know I have a lot of creative people reading my blog, so I ask you - if you get stuck, either when studying or while creating, what do you do to clear your head? Do you go for a walk? Sit in front of the computer, see a movie, read a book, clean the house, go shopping?
And also, do you want to do something that will get your mind going so that you know how to continue, or do you want to do something that clears your head completely?
I'm thankful for all thought and ideas!

I got stuck today, so I sat in my bed and listened to my music box that I've had since I was little (see picture above)


  1. What helps me get out of terrible "funks" is just to lay down and breathe. Stare up at the ceiling and just imagine. Maybe play some favorite music, leave a window open to hear the wonders of outside. And if that doesn't work, I either take a walk (with my camera) or read a book for inspiring words.

    Hope this helps, even if a little

  2. I do exactly all of those things you wrote, both to get unstuck and to get going again. One way is to work through it, make a lot of bad stuff or just change material.

  3. oh, i haven't seen the composed animal before but i think it's awesome! you don't sell them by any chance? :)
    anyway, i mostly boil some water with fresh ginger and drink it with honey as a "mindclearer". listen to music and dance like no ones watching is also a good way to get everything out of my head. or of course: running in the woods!

  4. Yes, enough sleep and a walk is good. Here up north, extra d-vitamin works miracles for the brain.
    Lilli :)

  5. I don't have a blogger account, but adore your blog and work. I'm working 24/7 at the minute to get my portfolio ready for my university interviews, and i keep getting creative blocks. I usually take five minutes, make a cup of tea/coffee, change whatever music i'm listening too, smoke a cigarette (not the healthiest i know), and then draw myself a list or mind map of what i need to be doing so i can focus and get back on task

  6. Well, when I can't concentrate, I eat, drink some water, listen to music and painting patterns.. :)
    Incredible picture!

    P.s I'm a girl from sweden who read your blogg and think it's fantastic! (And sorry for my english..) d.s

  7. I listen to David Bowie ( that is my major obsession these days), well depends on the days, I also go random on the internet to find something that catches my eyes and gives me the input to start working again...
    but with the music my head continues working so, if I have more time and I want to really clear my had I watch a movie, something I haven't already seen or talk with some of my friends no matter of what.

    hope to be helpful
    cheers from Florence :)

  8. When I try to get my mind going I first stop doing everything and then try again. Sometimes reading blogs or just staring at my pc helps me to concentrate again.

    I just discovered your blog a week ago and I adore your work.


  9. When my creative mind is 'stuck' i try splatter painting (http://www.akisforkate.com/2011/11/draw-this-life-away.html#en) or the latest one I did (http://www.akisforkate.com/2012/01/swimming-with-aliens.html#en). As I`m big on drawing this is really something that helps me when I want to draw, but I don`t know what. Many big ideas came to me while doodling these little drawings.


  10. I'm a landscape architect so understand the creative process. Sometimes you just need a break or to sleep on it. A lot of creativity goes on in the subconscious. If you have a deadline and don't have the luxury of a break then just go check out what everyone else is doing. Other peoples' work can be very inspiring.

    Don't stress too much. You have a lot of talent. I'm sure you'll come up with something wonderful.

  11. Hullo there!
    I just discover your blog, is so great! Very artistic!

    Well, when I get stuck in my works I try to do something different. Let's say I'm drawing and I cannot finish it, then I make myself a cup of tea and knit a bit, or go out and talk to my cat. If I get stuck in studying I go for a walk.
    I never get to have my mind completly in peace or in black or anything like that, I just keep inventing things. Maybe what I really look for when I get stuck is to slow down the thoughs, yes, slow them down instead of erase them from my mind.

    Good luck with your project!
    Hugs and kisses!

  12. i usually get unstuck by drinking a few cups of fresh coffee and visiting the websites of people who inspire me creatively so i can get excited again. unless i'm having one of my "i'll never be good enough" meltdowns. if that's the case, i stay away from them and play solitaire or watch tv/youtube videos--just anything that has nothing to do with art/photography. or i just straight up tell my husband i need a pep talk. no, i don't "tell" him. i whine about not being good enough and he gives me the pep talk he knows i'm searching for. reading christina greve's divas and dreams blog can be good, too because she's always preaching about not comparing your work to others' and i often need to be reminded of that.

    i meant to tell you last week that after discovering your work on fine little day, i went through and looked at your entire blog over the course of the next couple of days. i was really inspired after that. also had to squash some "i'll never be good enough" thoughts. ;)

  13. I clean off my table. It always seems to help to have a fresh clean space to work on. And I always end up finding something that I had lost, which leads to a treasure hunt of where o put it away. By the time I come back to my clean table, I am full of ideas again

  14. I need to clear completely my head to relax for a while... so i make cakes!!! i fell better after (eating them of corse!)
    then i can concentrate
    Good luck with your project,

  15. You guys are amazing, than you so much for all the stories, this is super helpfull!

  16. It depends, sometimes I bake (cakes, pies, anything sweet really) if I want to get my mind quiet. Other times I start browsing through books and magazines like uppercase, great inspiration booster!

  17. Oh nice! This advice that everyone gave is useful for me, too! I'm gonna have a cup of fresh coffee, take a walk, go to library, read some books and then come back with a clear and totally inspired head (hopefully). If that doesn't work, I'm gonna try the ginger tea and the pointless videos on youtube.

    Good luck!

  18. Dancing really crazy helps m to clean my head. Or watching some interesting documentary about nature with macro shoots or slowmotion or timelapses. By the way, have you seen this?

  19. Hi Uli, for me, a deadline really works wonders. If it's not close enough I give myself a bit more time to think through what I'm going to do and I go and play at the barn, or get more focused by cleaning up the house and the area where I'm trying to work. Love your blog! xo

  20. I clean the house! Everytime! Only thing that clears my mind and makesme stop obsessing about things

  21. Try reading or listening to Eckhart Tolle. He says a lot about how the mind gets in the way of creativity. His work has changed my life.

  22. For inspiration and to get ideas going I look at books, go to flea markets, read blogs, and collect objects from nature and stash them around my room. I write lots and lots of small notes with the words & idea that pop into my head. To clear my mind I get off the computer (usually I am on there procrastinating, like now!). My mind feels most clear on top of mountains :)

  23. when i get stuck or im feeling frustrated about my work, i watch this video, by Ira Glass, it helps me get my creative juices flowing again, hope it helps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI23U7U2aUY