17 January 2012

Little sweet creatures

First day of school today. People were presenting their bachelor project ideas and I had a hard time defining mine. But I think it's become a sort of "dreamspace" workspace for creative people. A space were you take a break from the creative things you normally do... things that might not feel like a hobby anymore.
I also drew some rabbits. Here they are.
Lollo just put his pouchy over all my pens so I'm going to stop drawing now. It's good to have someone tell you when you should take a break. 


  1. love the rabbits, so realistic

  2. hej! jag undrar om jag skulle kunna få låna denna bilden av dig till ett skolarbete i foto a då jag älskar dina illustrationer och sätt att komponera ihop dem med foto! självklart ger jag dig creds för dina djur, och om du vill kan jag visa dig slutresultatet!
    mvh elin