22 January 2012

Latvian illustrations

There is something special about how Latvian artists illustrate. Especially back in the day. They all had the same style sort of. I especially like this cartoon, Zaķīšu pirtiņa, which translated into The rabbits sauna. And it's about how rabbits clean themselfes in the sauna... and then there are hedgehogs, a moon runnings around and a super big horse. Can't go wrong!
The book I'm reading on the photos is Tolkiens Bilbo, with illustrations by Latvian Laima Eglite.


  1. This made me so proud to come from Latvia. I also always thought that Latvian illustrations are quite beautiful. And I do agree that they seem to have their own style. I remember my dad gave me the Zaķīšu pirtiņa story book when I was little and I still have it. It`s very old but I cherish it very much.


  2. Wow, I didn't know there was a book as well!

  3. I love your photos, they're so pure and dreamy! I'm following you :D


  4. The pictures from Bilbo reminds me of a book I got as child; "Pojken och draken" was the title in Swedish. Illustrated by Lidia Postma. Do you know about her?

    I googled a bit and she seems to living in the Netherlands but having said that she might still have her roots elsewhere. Actually I found out that she also had illustrated some Tolkien books!

  5. I'm Sophie, a french reader, and I'm really admirative of your artistic work, truly, i think you really have talent :) For example, there is so much poetry in your work with the 7 horses! So, in brief, i'm a huge fan :)
    A more basic question, i wanted to ask you where did you get this pullover from? I think the colors are really beautiful, and i've been looking for such a pull for ages, so if you could answer me at " sophie.dln@laposte.net ", that would be very nice of you :)!
    Sophie xx