02 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy new year ulicamers!
I'm looking through my old files since I'm making a new official homepage and I need to change up the pictures a bit. You really realize how much you've learned when you look into the past. In a way I'm happy I was really confident about what I did even when it was really bad, because it encouraged me to keep doing it and to then get better. But also, I really appreciate all the people who were supportive and encouraging back in the day.

If there was a wish I could make for next year it would be that everyone should really start to love the planet more. And I don't mean it in the obvious, stop using your car way, but if everyone just makes small changes it will become a superbig change for the world. Don't let the water pour forever, turn out the lights when you leave the room, use your bike more often, don't shop supercheap things that break after 3 months, don't buy a new cellphone every other month... etc. When studying design you learn everything about the long process from material to product. Don't over-consume on things. If you want to treat yourself something, get a nice massage or buy nice chocolate from the local chocolaterie :)

♥ Uli


  1. wow your hair looks amazing, the photo is so cool too! your blog is WONDERFUL i love it, im really enjoying it! its so different from other blogs, i love how you do illustrations and make up stories and things, you're so creative. incredible blog :)