31 January 2012

Favorite photos

Photographers unknown

These three are a few of my all time favorite photographs (by others).
I have such a weak spot for old black and white photos of people with dogs and cats.
But I mean... how could you not like these three? Look at his beard, and the kitten!!! What? It's perfect.

I'm trying to read a book for an upcoming class, but my goshiness is it depressing! It's all about how we're all gonna die and we're ruining the planet and all that is bad. Since I'm very considerate of the environment I hate when I read texts that are actually aimed towards people who don't give a flying rats bum about the planet. I give flying rats bums. So I hate reading texts that pretty much say it's actually YOUR fault and YOUR fault only.
I met some friends of a friend a few days ago and some of them asked if I was an environmentalist (because apparently I sounded like one). I sighed and said "No... I study design and therefor I'm doomed to know all about everything created and therefor I panic when I see someone use a plastic object once and then throw it away"

What's awesome on the other hand is that I've got such great followers so thank you a bunch for all the answers on my last post. It was super helpful! I send virtual hugs to you.


  1. hi uli, i'm sorry for bothering you but i discovered this website the other day: http://kupferzopf.com/frisuren/flechtfrisuren.html
    the girl gives great braids tutorial which made me think of your awesome braids gif :) well, i don't know how busy you are at the moment but if at some point you don't know what to do, i'd suggest you create some braids tutorials for us ;)

  2. Yeah I've been thinking about braid tutorials... but you have all of them on that site! What could I contribute with in that case?

  3. So very cool pictures!

  4. well, i thought there might be some braids she hasn't on the website or maybe sometimes you may wear special hairdos. i don't know..?

  5. Heh, yeah ok maybe...but she's done a whole bunch that I don't even know how to do :)