11 January 2012

Drawing with colour

Robert gave me this gorgeous moleskin for christmas and some soft aquarelle pens. The moleskin was so beautiful that I for some time didn't dare to draw anything in it. But since I'm trying to stay away from the computer at the moment I thought I could practice drawing with some color since I seem to have gotten a bit tired of the black ink. So I went to the library and picked up some "Mammals in colour" books that I could draw from. I'm such a new beginner with colour that I'll need to copy some pictures before I'll start drawing my own things.

When you have "hobbies" like photography and drawing but somehow don't see them as hobbies anymore, you kinda need new things that you don't take so seriously. That's why I've started to play the piano and yesterday my ballet started up again. I like how both ballet and playing the piano feels graceful... and harmonic somehow. When I danced oriental for a few years I had a teacher that was into weird choreography. So when we had shows she liked the dancer to flip the bird to the audience and yell "I'm not a whore!"... ok not really but almost. My friends have some funny memories from watching our performances at least. And although oriental clothes can be so beautiful my teacher always wanted the dancers to dress so ugly.


  1. Tycker svamparna är underbara ulrika! Pusss från minus

  2. Tack Mina! Vi gillar ju svamp. Överallt.

  3. Inte överallt Ulrika :)