27 January 2012

Cat catcher

I sometimes feel that Lollo thinks I'm a bird and that I'm something he can hunt. Well, just like in the fables were turtles outsmart the hares and sheep outsmart the fox, I thought it was time to dress out as a bird and kidnap Lollo while he was napping.
He got so mad for being forced to model that he ended the session with laying a big frustration-dump in his sandbox. But he was actually a really patient model this time, I had a hard time picking which photos to edit because Lollo was posing so good in many of them.
Next time I'd love a bigger bird disguise. The backfeathers are actually from a crane, me and my boyfriend took them from the birdroom at the zoo (from the floor, not from the ass of an actual crane). Hah.

I'm happy some of you are already interested in the horse prints. As I've told the ones that have emailed me, I'm heading to the printers next week to have  preview and then I'll set a price. But it wont be more than 30 EURO, that much I know. I'll give a big shout out when the shop opens.

And thanks to all the people who email me saying nice things, I'll try to respond to all of you.


  1. Oh my god, första bilden på dig o Lollo är EPIC...såååå braaa....det ser verkligen ut som att ni kastat båda ett vilt öga på ert favoritdjur att hunta down o äta! Älskar fjädrarna!!!

  2. Hihi, vi är glada att mamma Tereze gillar!

  3. Love this so much. Your cat is such a cutie!


  4. Love your idea, Lollo seems a compliant kitty! great and simple styling, beautiful colour palette, just captivating!

  5. I just found your blog and I think your work is really beautiful!

  6. Wow, what an amazing photograph!
    The colours are truly beautiful,
    as is your hair : )
    Great idea, really interesting!


  7. Vill bara säga att jag är glad över att ha hittat din blogg!

  8. what a great picture
    the soft colors
    beautiful color palette
    love, LOVE it!

  9. Thanks, I love that you like the idea.
    Anna, jag är också väldigt glad att du hittat hit :)

  10. get a humane cat trap. Your local humane society should have them, or tool rental places offer them too. The kittens might be too small to trip the trap, so try using a small piece of wood and some string so you can remotely control it, as it were.