21 January 2012

Animated Lion Lady gif

Hmmm.... still trying to figure out how drawing a GIF would work. First try doesn't look so good, but practice makes perfection... höhöhöh... one could hope!
Mr Pouchy (Lollo the cat) keeps insisting on going out (although I keep telling him you don't wanna do thaaat) and then he realizes that it's raining wet snow so he sits under the stairs and farts sourly.
My throat is all slimy and sick-ly so I'm sitting at home with my lemons and garlics.... under the stairs farting. Just kidding.
Or am I?


  1. this post really made me smile! :----)

  2. Yay, I like when people smile ^_^

  3. I like this so much. Looks lovely, even for a first try!


  4. Hahaha! Elsker bloggen din :)

  5. Min bästis visade mig det här och sa att det var jag. Blev så glad för det här är ju hur fint som helst