29 December 2011

Running out of ideas

Does anyone have an amazing blog to recommend to me? Something with the kind of dreamlike photos that I like? Or something with just really nice, in theater-like locations, fashion photography.
I'm sort of running out of ideas and I can't find something inspiring enough. Maybe I should just make the investment and buy Tim Walkers book after all.

Oh, and how great is it that google decided that 512 px is the best size for blogs... making all my photos on my blog from the past 2 year in low resolution. Not great! I've found some forums discussing this and sort of gotten this weird html-program that I have to figure out how to work...sight... gosh...don't really know how to fix this.

23 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all my wonderful followers!
I drew this illustration of a fox family for this occasion since christmas is all about family (and sausages of course)

Have a lovely holiday!
Ho ho ho ho ho
♥ Uli

21 December 2011

The girl with 7 horses #6

Sixth finding on the 21st of December.
The girl sure was happy she found the white horse before the first snow covered the grounds.

Christmas is soon here! I hope all my readers will cuddle up and have a supernice christmas being lazy. While becoming older I'm noticing that the christmas food is a bigger joy than the presents. Hehe.... but if you live in Sweden you know that there is something called prinskorv and that it is in fact AWESOME.

I was in the toy store today, standing in front of the plastic animal shelf, drooling. Then two foreign boys came. They were both a little too old for a toy store (maybe 12 years), so they were trying to make jokes about all the things although I bet they just wanted to play with everything. One of them looked at the plastic whale and said "Why does this exist? I mean, I loved these kind of things when I was small, but now, what do you do with these THINGS?"
Haha. How can one think that a plastic animals are useless?
I think he might appreciate them again when he's older. 

18 December 2011

Edmund Dulac

Illustrations by Edmund Dulac

It's kinda impossible not to like Edmunds illustrations for H.C Andersons tales.

17 December 2011

Granma's secrets

My recent project in school was about creating a secret space for grandma to put all her things that she wants to keep a secret even after she's dead. Because when you die everything is pretty much revealed since someone (most likely your children) will clean out your entire apartment. Although, I thought it would be interesting if it would be found maybe 50 years later by grandchildren who perhaps didn't know their grandmother that well. That's why I wanted to interoperate the shape of her cats face in the back piece...so that there would be this funny silhouette that might make the relatives want to keep the chair. It's supposed to be a sofa chair... so that it will not moved around very much... making it harder to discover the secrets.
I'm not really fond of how the chair itself turned out (it's just built in a very small scale) but I like the idea behind it. 

13 December 2011

Uli in Monki magazine

Hei, I told you a while ago that I was in the latest issue of Monki magazine (their last paper issue... from here on it's only online ones...boring). And here it is! The last picture is not my photography. Just so you don't give me credit for something I didn't do :)

12 December 2011

Ulis winter cold cure

Heiia, I'm studying for my production exam tomorrow and I'm feeling a little sick. But then, I don't think I'm the only one. So maybe I should share my winter cold cure tips?
I usually always make this:

Chop up half a lemon.
Peel about 4 cm ginger and chop it up.
Put it in water (approximately 0,5 l) and heat it up until it's boiling.
Put some of your favorite tea in a mug(preferably not teabags) and pour the water with the lemon and ginger bits in.
When the water has cooled somewhat add a BIG LUMP of honey.
Remember, in order to get all the "good" things from honey, the water is actually not supposed to be warmer than 40°C (and that's if you have the good early season honey). And also, if you're adding peppermint tea, don't let the leaves be in the water for more than 2 minutes.

Garlic Bread
Spread butter on two slices of bread.
Press two garlics on each slice.
Cover all garlic with cheese.
Add tomato and oregano or whatever you wish on the top.
Put in the oven at 220°C until it looks nice.

07 December 2011


Model: Joyce Moore

Soon Joyce will go back to Germany and our class is going to be short of one really cool girl in the spring. I knew that although we're up to our ears with work this week I had to squeeze in time to photograph Joyce. I kind of think she looks like snow white in these pictures.

And while we're up to our ears in work, Sandra in our class is walking around drawing everybody's ears. It's really interesting seeing the illustrations later. We have such different ears. Like comparing a french ear and an asian ear, so different!

03 December 2011

3 years

Me and Robert turning 3 years on this 3rd of december.
Just like I turned 23 this year on the 23rd.
So funny with numbers.
Sometimes people don't really like numbers though.
Like when the number of age is too big, but also sometimes too small :)
I hope that my readers aren't getting stuck up on age numbers.

02 December 2011

Fox making pashmina wool

Pashmina... cashmere... it's all very nice. I think what differs the two is that pashmina is from a certain Himalayan goat. It takes just about three goats to make one scarf. Think about that. I'm combing Lollo as often as I can in order to collect enough wool for a vest. Haha. I might never get there.
When I'll have a job and be financially stable, I'm going to buy myself a really expensive cashmere sweater... one that I'll have forever... yes yes... that's what I'm dreaming about.
I'm kinda in love with really qualitative wool... like alpaca, merino and the two I just mentioned. Anyone else who's a fan of nice wool?

01 December 2011


Yay, I've finally reached 200 followers on blogger (and an additional 171 on bloglovin)!
Thank you guys, you're the best! There is such a great joy in creating things when you know you have support from people from all around the world. It gives you a little kick in the butt to create more.

Thank you a million times.
♥ Uli