29 November 2011

Winter sun

I thought I would get some homework done this morning before class. But somehow I ended up making these pictures instead. I just thought that the blog needed something beautiful and the cold winter sun was shining weakly behind some milky clouds.... oh well, I couldn't resist.
On the first picture... I'm in awe of how powerful and rich the nature looks. So pretty. I'm lucky I don't live in the center of the city.

28 November 2011

Last items for sale

I still have a few items left to sell since it was a stormy day during the market and all smart people stayed home :) I'm lucky though that I have such good friends and family, my mum brought me food, my boyfriend brought me cookies, my friends stopped by and held me company, then my dad came by with smoothie and cookies, and finally some more friends kept me company until the day was over.

There are 14 little calendars left, so if you want to give them away for christmas you should buy today!
Also, Hipster Fox and Nervous fox weren't as cool as the intelligent, ballerina and nature fox so they're still for sale. They're a bit smaller than the other ones so I'm selling them for 200 SEK. Email me at info@ulrikakestere.com if you're interested.

NOTE Nervous Fox and Hipster Fox is SOLD

26 November 2011

The wooden fox collection

Tomorrow is our schools annual christmas fair and just as last year I will be selling some wooden foxes. I'm kinda in love with them now (specially the ballerina one) so it stings to sell them :) I put a lot of time in each one of them but I sell them for pretty much the same price as a calendar. Haha, it's rather funny how people don't want to pay more for a wooden object even if it's handmade in Sweden. But I get it, I probably wouldn't either. You compare the prices to the things from asia in your normal store.
However, if you live in Lund, you should definitely come by AF-borgen tomorrow between 10-17! I will be selling the 2012 calendars as well.

24 November 2011

Reasons to visit the forest

These are the reasons, because it's really nice and pretty and cosy and great :)
What's happening to the sun btw? It's four and it feels like nine! Pitch black outside. The streetlights were just tuned on so they're all weak and still charging up and actually you can't see anything outside... if you lost your mitten it would be lost forever. Like in space. By a black hole.

I'm featured in the new issue of Monki magazine, I'm on page 50.
I've had some trouble getting the magazine in paper format (that is, it has been eaten by the postoffice), but new ones are on the way and if they arrive I'll show the interview on the blog.

23 November 2011

Uli and Lollo in lokaltidningen

Hello Ulicamers! Look, I'm in the paper, and Lollo too! I laughed so much when I saw the photo of me and Loo, doesn't it completely look like I'm hitting him happily while he's super sad?
I tried to show the paper to Lollo, but he looked the other way. That's weird don't you think? It's almost as if he's had so many publications that he doesn't care.
The article might be easier to read on their webpage.

22 November 2011

"Sagans Slända"

Me and Robert were walking through town, trying to find a toilet like two kids. Luckily, the toilet was at the same place as a book-sale. I found this one for 10 kronor. Pretty illustrations.
Illustrations by Hans Arnold (Sagan om den riktiga prinsessan & Elddonet) and Ilon Wikland (Den blå skålen)

21 November 2011

Project BRAIDS(?)

I've been thinking a lot about braids lately. Isn't it weird how a lot of girls think that they need help when making braids on themselves? And so many girls don't even know how to make fishtails... or dutch braids. And all the braid books out there are like from the 80s and the hairdos look like old women styles.
Isn't it time for a young fresh book about all the different braids? I'm starting to think that I might just be capable at photographing, illustrating and writing a book like that. It would be a superfun project. Or does it seem fun now and then half way in it'll get tedious?
Huh huh...I'll have to think about it!

20 November 2011

The girl with 7 horses #5

Only two left now!
Number 5, a bigger horse than the others, was found on november 18th.

18 November 2011

Something smells burned

How exciting, a burned car! I went out to this place (St Hans Backar if you live in Lund) to shoot the next picture for the Girl with 7 horses and I couldn't resist making a quick picture by this car as well. So beautiful and ugly at once... like a pug ;) However, I do feel sick when I think about all the crappy things that went out into the air we breath when shit like this is being burned by bored people.

Thank you for all the likes on my facebook page. I get a smile on my face for every like! When you have a blog you keep an active eye open for each follower you get on bloglovin and blogger... sometimes there is a new one and sometimes someone has gone. Haha, that has to be the saddest things, when someone stops following you. It's like having someone break up with you (and yet not at all), like - I don't find you interesting anymore. You get weirdly attached to your blog. Does anyone else feel like their blog is like a pet almost?

Before I end this post I have to thank my boyfriend once again for giving me the self trigger two winters ago. It has been one of the absolutely best toys to bring with my camera, making pictures like this possible.

17 November 2011


I was walking by the facilities for law studies when I suddenly saw a little thing lying on the street. I picked it up and realized it was a tiny book about bunnies. I knew then and there that I had an angel watching over me. Best find ever.

16 November 2011

little deer rider

Today I actually managed to scribble a picture during class since we had a sleepy teacher who talked super slow, so I felt that if I only listened to him time went slower than what would be perceived normal.
At the moment I'm waiting for UPS to come by with my portfolio...hmm... I've never quit understood the advantage with UPS and Fed-ex... when are you ever home during the day having the possibility to receive packages? Isn't the best thing when your package ends up at the post office and you just pick it up when you've got time? That's the easiest and most nature friendly way I think :)
Also, I want to take a shower really bad but how can I do that when it might ring on the door any second? Should my cat open? I've asked him several times. He simply isn't interested in doing things like that. Door opening things.

15 November 2011

Don't mock the flash

The flash is often ridiculed. Like, haha oh my are you going to use the pop-up flash??
And I mean sure, used the wrong way, it will look like shit. But if you know what you're doing then the flash can be the perfect tool for an awesome picture. That's why I was a little dumbed about the fact that my 5D Mark II doesn't have a pop-up. Sure I have an external flash, but there is a lot I can do with a simple pop-up.
What do you think about the matter?

10 November 2011

The girl with 7 horses #4

Fourth finding: November 10th

Thank you so much for all the response on the last picure. You're the best, I love it when you share your opinions with me!
I went to the sauna out in the sea today so I took the opportunity to make another picture for the series. It was kinda hard to get some work done when there were dogs running around and kids coming by and bothering me (Is that a dead horse? What are you doing? Whaat? EEE?).
Otherwise I've had a really failed day. Dentist... arguing and getting super frustrated at my teachers... forgetting about my ballet class... my ballet class! That was the ONLY fun ting I had going on this week and I forgot! I never forget anything, what is wrong with me? I'm super duper disappointed at Uli.

(isn't it great how the horses tail actually looks like a large pond of diarrhea?)

08 November 2011

The girl with 7 horses #3

Heiia my wonderful readers.
Here's one picture for the horse series that I'm not sure about. Maybe it'll be in the series...maybe not. I'll see. It was such a windy day that the fabrics kept blowing away and the horse never got its proper shape.
I'd love to know what you think too. 

06 November 2011

04 November 2011


I had to create a pattern for the cover of my design portfolio.
Here it is.
I wish I had more time for my own projects but school is a time thief :)

Thank you for the 100 likes on facebook!
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01 November 2011