31 October 2011

The weekend is over!

It's been quite a good weekend, with birthday parties, brunches, other parties and meeting friends. I didn't produce anything artistic during the weekend so I'll just post a picture of my two friends in a food coma after brunch. And as for you wondering about things;

Do you post edit your photos in Photoshop?
Yes, always. I mostly just work with the colors.

Do you ever shoot film?
Yes I have, but I don't today since I lack the patiants. But I admire people who keep at it and an analog picture will always be an analog picture... it's got that little extra. If I would I would shoot with a square format... probably with my holga that gives extra juicy pictures.

If you had the chance to stand up and say something to the whole world, what would it be?
Huh, if I had the chance to say something to everyone it would be about nature. Please don't use as much plastic that isn't recyclable. Use your bike more, it's good for both your body and the planet.
Above all, realize that this is not the planet of humans but the planet of all creatures, show respect for animals and their homes.

What's your favorite name for a baby?
Oo, I have many... for a girl Tove, Freja, Ronja and Mira
For a boy Ludvig, Muskot, Edvin and Vilgot

Cats or dogs?
I think dogs. But I really love cats as well. If you have the time and live at the right place... I think a dog will be a better friend. But for most people a cat is a more suitable pet.

What photographers inspire you?
Camilla Åkrans, Paolo Roversi and Elina Brotherus to mention a few.

How long have you been studying and what's your dream job?
I've studied photography for 2 years and now I'm in my third and last bachelor year in industrial design.

How did you make that photo round?
Heh...with a round marking tool?

What makes you tick?
I'm actually not sure what this question means, I've googles it but I'm still not sure :)

28 October 2011

Questions for Uli?

Hello! I'm gonna try and stay away from the computer this weekend. Heh..try is the word. So I'm leaving the blog open for questions. Since I'm not that personal here, feel free to ask me things you're wondering about! And if you're not wondering anything, great, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing :)

Have a lovely weekend!
♥ Uli

26 October 2011

The girl with 7 horses #1

Once upon a time there was a girl who had 7 invisible horses.
People thought she was crazy and that she in fact had 7 imaginative horses, but this was not the case.
When autumn came the girl spent a whole day washing all her clothes. She hung them on a string in her garden to let the gentle autumn sun dry them.
Out of nowhere, a terrible storm came and its fiercefull wind grabbed a hold of all her clothes and all seven horses (authors note: since they are invisible they didn't weigh much). The girl was devestated and spend all autumn looking for each horse spread around the country, wrapped in her clothes.
First finding: October 23th

There is a really lovely interview with me over at LIGHT MEETS NIGHT.
The author Georgia has said such nice things about me, people can be so kind sometimes. Here's a draft from the start of the interview, no one has ever called me a Latvian princess before!

"Ulrika Kestere is a girl with good taste. Since discovering her blog last year I have not stopped admiring the Latvian illustrator slash photographer’s creative input into the blogging hemisphere.

Childlike illustrations bring a novelty factor whilst her photographs have a certain dream like quality you cannot help but adore.
It is quite stereotypical to say her artistic abilities have a feminine approach, but as Uli herself describes how she is inspired mainly by ‘fairytales, pretty little cottages and animals’, the word feminine fits in quite rightly so.
I thought I would veer away from the high fashion attitude LMN usually adopts, and throw something a bit different into the mix. So it is, my interview with a Latvian princess."

25 October 2011

Calm afternoon

My ballet class is canceled this week so I guess I'll study some positions in a book instead while my plastic animals watch me twirl. 

24 October 2011

Exploring sunday

Yesterday was so nice! I felt like a little squirrel bouncing around in nature. Having a little alone time really is underestimated. I actually found wild strawberries... and they were sweat and delicious. I strolled around in a place near to where I live... hoping maybe I could find a new location for a photograph. And I did! But then, I went into some other bushes and I found something that I think might just be were FOXES live. I'm not 100% sure but it sure looked like it. That.... or it was superbig rabbits. I have to come back with Robert... because silly enough I felt a little spooked. What if a big fox came around and was like Hey You! What the hell are you doing here??. When a stone moved next to my foot while I looked at the huge holes in the ground I almost shrieked (like a little girl)... but the thing is that there were these enormous doves everywhere...and they kept scaring me with their panic attacks... birds are so edgy.
Anywho... I kept lurking around and found this big fort/treehouse. It was a little dark in there so I didn't dare to enter... what if it was a residence for hobos? And then I found this little path I've never seen so I walked on that and suddenly I was next to the railroad and there was a roe deer in front of me!

I'm glad I could discover so many new things so close to were I live. Foxes and deers, who knew?

23 October 2011

Happy Sister-Birthday

Yay! Today is my sisters birthday but she is down in Italy as always so the least I could do was draw her a picture.
Happy Birthday!

22 October 2011

Bird down

This was me yesterday. I was bird down for sure.
Sometimes you stock things in a really really high pile and then one day something knocks it down and there is crap all over the floor! Luckily I could talk to my family and above all my sister who is the only one who really gets what goes on in my head when these things happen.
I'm feeling better but I'm still putting a lot of things on the side for a moment now and trying to boost myself a bit. I thought about putting the blog on ice... but the thing is... I love this blog and all the people who follow it... so I simply can't.

20 October 2011

Make a hair helmet

Are you bored on this autumn thursday? Make a hair helmet! And then you can go out and ride your bike and it's fine if you fall because hey I've got a hair helmet.
No I'm just kidding. That wouldn't work. Ooor? No. Ooor? No maybe not.
I think I'm getting a cold, what is up with that? Super duper lame and totally unneccerary. I'm thinking it's because I started working out this week. So what can we learn from that? Never work out!

19 October 2011

Thank god I'm older!

Yesterday when I went through some clothing stores I saw some young girls looking at me weirdly(?) and all of a sudden I remembered what it was like when I was 17-ish. It really was no fun at all. You often say like "Wha, I still feel like I'm 17!". But I mean, do you really? How much did I know about photography and photoshop when I was 17? Not enough at least. I completely sucked at drawing, I am so glad that I actually have somewhat a "style" in the way I draw today. I know when something says me and when something is just trying to say me but actually it's me copying someone else.
In photography I keep learning every year. If I look at what I did during my first year in my photography education it really wasn't very good.
And if I look back at my folders from every month during the past 5 years I can see that I have done quite a lot... both concerning education, travel, photography, illustration, design... etc. And now I have things like a drivers license and...heh... I know how to talk to boys (which I didn't really when I was 17).

People often say that time flies but it's not completely true because time does what we do, walks, it does not fly. We experience so much more than we realize. Imagine a 100 years ago, you pretty much never saw a different country then your own and if you got a cold you died! Appreciate all the wonderful things you're able to experience since you live in the year 2011. In 5 years you'll probably experience as much as people used to do in a whole lifetime.
And I know, there are so many people doing way more cooler things than you and all these young people who are super succefull. But I can guaranty you that they're just flies on the wall because most people have to struggle for a super duper long time to get were they are. And remember, the cooler and happier someones life is, the lonelier they often are. To reach great success and a lot of money there is little time left for family, friendship and relationships. These things take as much time as any cool career.

I'm not sure were I'm going with this, but my cat is eyeballing me looking superhungry so I think he and I will have to nip downstairs and find some liver in a can!
Smell you later and stay positive!

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18 October 2011

Were should they live?

I'm thinking that I will never show the finished illustrations for my book on the blog. But I want you to tag along while it's being created so I'll show some startup sketches now and then. Right now I'm focusing on the house for my two main characters. It's supposed to be a little crooked.
Who do you think lives here?

17 October 2011

The weekend is over! Or is it? Not for me! Hehehehe. I'm still in a food coma after me and a couple of friends from my class made a huge brunch with thai-soup, american pancakes, walnut bread, apple pie, warm appledrinks...etc.
Because this week is some what an autumn break... not really...but kinda though.
I have a lot of work to get done but I really hope I'll be able to squeeze in some story book time... because I really need to start drawing on it.
Photos from the forest this saturday.

14 October 2011

Sleeping through fog

The weekend is coming and most of you might take the opportunity to sleep in and dream fogy dreams. I'm quite the morning person so I will probably not be doing this :) These photos are from a very early saturday morning were I woke up around 7ish and was like "Wow!! Look outside!". And then I told Robert that I would head out to photograph... and he thought he would continue sleeping but then rather quickly realized that he wanted to capture the wonderful fairytale morning as well :)
This weekend I'll take some of my schoolmates out to the forest and then I would like to watch some Moomin episodes that I recently lade my hands on. What are you going to do?

Something different

Well, I thought that I needed to make something different... and then this picture sort of developed. I'm not sure what it is.
I think the most educational part was drawing the clouds.

13 October 2011


Getting som sleep. Worrying about pimple. Packing calendars. Wondering why I haven't started drawing on children's book. Riding my bike. Electronic quizzes. Portfolio assignments. Thinking I have to make a new official website. Trying to pet Lollo. Feeling rejected by Lollo. Making a hasty photograph. Being dissatisfied with photograph. Being frustrated by the fact that my favorite pen is out of ink. Worrying some more about pimples. Riding my bike. Calling Robert. Packing calendars. Looking over economy. Worrying about future. Worrying about money. Looking at puppies. Emailing. Preparing photoshop class. Thinking I should eat some vegetables. End up eating pasta. Watching Lollo sleeping. Scribbling down ideas on a paper. Getting anxiety by the length of the list. Seeing hair looks bad. Thinking about washing hair for a while. Not washing hair. Head out running. Streching. Panic bike over to ballet class. Doing pliés really badly. Riding my bike. Washing hair. Searching inspiration. Envying successful people. Thinking about portfolio that should be done. Thinking about homepage that should be re-newed.

... and so on.

12 October 2011

It's getting darker

Darker. The air is crisper. Autumn is like that hour before you go to bed. You know that something relaxing, dark and cosy is coming. Sleep.
I wonder how the hibernating animals feel. Have they already gone to sleep? When are they going? Anyone who knows? I hope that the badger is staying awake for a while more though... because he's always gone somewhere or sleeping when I go to the zoo, and I really want to see him!! Mr Badger... please stay awake a bit more.

11 October 2011

New homes for the Calendar

How exciting isn't it to see something you've created in other peoples homes? I guess that's how fashion designers feel when they see their garment on someone else!
First gif is by Stefany Alves, blogger of The Public Diary.

And I was thrilled to see that the colorful Elsa Billgren recieved her calendar too. She is such a original person, always dressed in vintage dresses and she has great taste in furniture and animals :)

Almost unwrapped. Calendar at the home of Lovisa Ranta, blogger of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. She has really lovely hair!

And also the lovely Rebecka Bjurmell got one, her hair is supernice too! She's moving to Paris this week, lets hope that the foxes can tag along.

09 October 2011


Two self-portraits from 2-3 years back.
Why are braids so great?
But they are!
Some girls like hair that is flat flat flat.
I, on the other hand, like braids. In all sorts.
It's like bread in a way. When you travel somewhere, it is said that the smell of freshly baked bread can always make you feel at home. For me, seeing a braid is like being home. Maybe because I have eastern europe farmer genes!


I wanted to make Lollo into a lioncat, like the ones on this picture.
So how has your weekend been so far?
I have to keep cleaning my room now, see you soon!

08 October 2011

Tree hugger

Ugg ugg ugg! I can't chose if this should be in colour or in black and white. What do you think?
The colour one can be seen bigger here.
I like the black and white one best as a whole, but I like how the colour of my hair melts into the the colour of the tree and the 2nd one.

Hey, it's saturday! You better be relaxing and going to the forest or something.

07 October 2011


"Hehehehe" is what Lollo would say if he could.
It's funny, because if a model has her mouth a bit open she might look sexier but Lollo simply looks crazier!
Something is up with the air, because Lollo has been SUPERSOFT lately. I mean... like.. really soft. And he's just laying there being soft and I'm like yay lets cuddle and Lollo is like now I'll shall bite you!
I sometimes wish I was 40 cm tall so that I could spoon with Lollo. Imagine during winter when you're cold and you get cuddled up next to his warm belly :) I guess I have to get a landseer if I want to be able to do that.

06 October 2011

Afternoon reading

When our electronics class was canceled I took the opportunity to do a quick photoshoot in my garden. Lollo was in a bad mood and acted like a real snob the whole time. He's been in a bad mood for some time now, what's up with that? He doesn't even greet me when I come home... rude.
I think this picture is too similar to the one I did previously in my garden. That's the downside with using the same set :(

05 October 2011

Fox and Morran

Good morning!
I'm at school and everyone is trying to manage to finish before the deadline hits and I've found myself being finished with everything already so I'm a tad bored. I think I should put that in my personal letter in my cv "always finishes a few days before deadline".

If you're an artist and a fan of Camilla Engman and Morran you should participate with some morran-art! All the profits go to charity.
Here's my illustration.

04 October 2011

I'm building a forest

If you can't go to the forest, create one of your own!
I might have mentioned that we had a task in school to change a plastic chair to fitting a subculture and I chose scouts. Well, after that we had to team up (I teamed up with Kajsa who worked with backpackers) and make a place that would fit both our subcultures.
We decided to create this treehouse village that would be an adventure finding for the scout and backpacker.
Here it is!