29 August 2011

Cuddle up!

Cuddle up everyone, autumn is coming!
I have a stuffed ferret at home, but watching live ones were much more fun. They really are characteristic little creatures. So funny and bouncy.

First day of school today, wasn't as bad as I thought.

26 August 2011

Things girls like

I've just recently realized that my photos and illustration mostly speak to girls.
Why did I not know this before? (or rather, how could I not now)
I remember, in photo school, the boys were always so difficult to impress. The type of photography boys liked was very different from what the girls made.
The older you get though... the more you want to please your own senses. And since I'm a girl, I produce things that matches a girls mind.
And also, I think that girls photography often has a lot more feeling to it than boys. It's not so sharp... not so loud. Maybe. Sometimes not. Sometimes it is.

Oh, and I saw Banksys documentary Exit through the gift shop. I had heard of it but but since I'm not that into street art I never bothered to look more closely into it. But my oh my, that was one of the best documentaries I've seen! And although most people might be mostly frustrated about Thierry Guetta making all that money of his non-art, I think it was more fascinating about how the media just ate it up and now he's making album covers for madonna. It just shows how messed up art can be. It's not about the talent. It's just about PR. So it's fascinating how a movie about street art and some weird movie making guy can be so spot on about art. And ok, it's old news. With the right PR you can make anything look good, but I think that this movie particularly showed it in a very good way.

25 August 2011

23 August 2011

SuperUli in Red

It seems that our friend SuperUli has left her blue costume at home and gone out with a bloodred one instead. Maybe she's inlove, maybe she's mad... it's hard to tell with superheroes.
This photo was fun to make, but then...everything is extra fun when there is only one week left of summer break.

There is an interview with me at LAND MAGAZINE, check it out and you might learn something new about me :)

22 August 2011

Last week of summer

It seems time has dried out in the sun and that the last week of summer vacation has arrived. My week has started out beautifully. I saw a fox. A fox. Fox fox fox. I was glad.
My calendar with foxes is at the printers.
My children's book about a fox is in production.
My bachelor project about foxes is in my thoughts.
I really like foxes. Did you know?

If you like foxes too, you should see Luc Jacquets movie The child and the Fox

19 August 2011

Ellie in bw

You do know that it is a lot easier to FOLLOW me with

You should (if you're not already)

18 August 2011

Uli ♥ Louis

Well well well...what can I say? After two days with a dog I was so thankful for my little kitty Louis. I always japp about dogs being so great because they want to be with you ALL THE TIME. However, it turned out that all the time just might be a little too much time. I found myself feeling a tiny bit trapped. I still absolutely love dogs, but as for pets I think that cats might be more suitable for a person like me. Also, my boyfriend is a real cat-cuddler so we are thinking about getting a girly cat friend for dear Louis when we move in together one day.
With a little yoghurt I managed to get Louis on a picture today. Together with my two animals that I bought on the antique fair.

15 August 2011

Girl and dog

I've spent all day with dog Ellie. We've had fun and Ellie has been so sweet.
We've been for a four hour walk so now we'll cuddle up in the sofa and watch a movie.

13 August 2011

Lovely Ellie

For most of the day I had the company of this wonderful girl. Next week we'll sure see more of each other, I can't wait :)

12 August 2011

Signor Gatto

After visiting my sister in Italy I promised her an illustration of a cat.
My sister has recently gotten a horse and is soon going to move into a castle-like building so this illustration is combining those things.
My mum is visiting her now... and I'm sorta jealous, I wish I could come down for a second holiday again. Maybe I'll sneak down during autumn... I want to meet the horsy!!!
Thank you for the music advice, I think the best thing was what Britt advised, the music-map.com website!

09 August 2011


Help me!!
I must have some new music to listen to!!
Tell me about some wonderful tunes you have found. (or link one of your best spotify playlists)
I like things like Billie Holliday, Velvet Underground, Seabear, Thievery Corporation and Elin Ruth Sigvardsson. But I also like listening to simple pop music that keeps you happy and awake while working.

08 August 2011

My favorite horse

Close to were I live there are a few meadows with horses and sheep. This white horse has been my favorite for some time now. He was modeling with me two years ago on this picture taken in sunrise.
I woke up at sunrise today to photograph in the meadow were he is... but there was this super annoying brown horse who kept seeking attention and pushing me. I couldn't take a single picture because he kept bouncing into my camera. Woke up at 04.30 for nothing huh? After that I couldn't go back to sleep. I started cleaning the house, went out for a run, cleaned my boyfriends place, bought a bunch of broad beans on the market...combed the cat...boiled the beans...ate the beans... let the cat eat some beans. You know how this goes.

07 August 2011

A day full of animals

If you live in the south part of Sweden you might have noticed that there has been a horse show in Malmö. Well, I don't know how I have missed this previous years... but it was GREAT. Not so much because of the horses since that isn't were my true interest lays, but there were bunnies everywhere and sooo many dogs... and really pretty cats. You could pet all the dogs and the owners told you about the breed and it was swell. And then later when we went to a restaurant I petted a dog that was on the outdoor seating and the dog got all happy and the owner said "Wow, are you a vet? Our dog has been sad and strange all day, this is the first time he wags his tale", and that made me really happy.

The sheep photo was taken with a direct flash, I rather liked that.

05 August 2011

Cloudy august

Jikes! Time is running way too fast! I'm always amazed at how little I finish during summer... but how can one get anything done when half of the day already passes you by when all you've done is eat, get dressed and taken a few photos?
Hah, my boyfriend showed me a great homepage - animals being dicks
Check it out, there are soooo many hilarious GIFs there. I laughed my ass off. Just scroll through the clips with the right arrow.

04 August 2011

Uli by Robert

Robert photographed me a few days ago. And here's one of the pictures! We actually woke up at 5 a.m for this... I think that's rather disciplined of us :)
Gosh, I just had the worst "job audition" of my life today. It was for a studio were you can come and get your makeup done and then be photographed as a model-for-a-day kind of thing. We were six girls who got called yesterday to come over today to check out the studio and get some information. And everything was so unprofessional! The pictures all looked like shit and the supersleazy boss just said "It's all about making as many pictures as possible on as short of a time as possible, you don't have time to use more than one light and we NEVER retouch anything!" and none of the girls there had had any proper photo education even. One girl was like "I work in a bank!".
And then the sleazy guy said "I'm not gonna lie to you, you won't be home much. You'll immediately hit the road and be gone EVERY single weekend". And we were all like..."There was no information about going on tour in the job application?". The place was really big but the studio was small and ugly.
No, we got the information and before he even interviewed me personally I said "Goodbye!" and left. As did two other girls. So if you ever see a job opening at a place called model lab - stay as far away as you possibly can. There are plenty of other people saying this too on the internet.
Suddenly going back to school doesn't feel so bad at all :)

03 August 2011

I'm on a boat

I actually finally got to sail yesterday! And we even saw these dolphinlike animals poofing by the boat. And then I only stuffed my face with cheese and crackers and forgot to eat anything else so by nighttime I was feeling dizzy. That was my day. Has anyone else gotten out to sea during summer?

01 August 2011

Monday Inspiration!

Chris Berens
I've posted about him before but I need to do it again! What I love about him is that he keeps updating his website all the time and he keeps creating new wonderful paintings.
Robert showed me her work just yesterday. She does a lot of awesome things!
He draws a lot of animals, some ok and some really great!