30 July 2011

Basilicata landscape

A few photos from the landscape in basilicata, south of Italy.

29 July 2011

Working on next year

So I've stayed inside today nibbling with my pencil on paper trying to finish next years fox calendar. This might be the frontpicture. But we'll see.
I've been on a strange mood today. I feel like I reeeeaaally need to get out of the house. I'd like to go down the street and be chased by hundreds of fans. I just don't have any fans. Oh well, if I go out late into the woods, I might get chased by hundreds of mosquitoes... I just don't know if the thrill is the same. I have this feeling that that would only leave me wounded and itching.
Oh my gosh, can you hear me? I'm attention seeking, this is not a good thing. I must stop writing this instance.

28 July 2011

Flash nature

During the summer I've been highly blessed with getting to own a Canon 5D Mark II, and although it is fabulous in all its ways, I still think that removing a pop-up flash on the camera is somewhat arrogant. Everyone says that pop-up flashes are just for amateur losers, but it is actually not true at all. You can do a whole lot of fancy things with the pop-up flash. Like in a heavy snowstorm...wow...the pop up gives you amazing pictures :)
Enough about that, these picture are, as you might have understood, taken with an external flash (that took some time charging between takes)... but I really loooove the pale effect a direct flash gives. So I really like how the pictures turned out. A direct flash is also somewhat taboo among some photographers, it shouldn't be! There are so many useless rules, when I head north to teach photography I'm really annoyed by all the students who pick on each other for useless things....like... your pictures are all grey or your pictures aren't sharp. Most of my favorite pictures are grainy and weak of contrast shots, it makes a photos tell more of a story than a clear documentation of the moment.

A questing for all amazing ulicam-followers, is the size of the photos published on the blog big enough or do you feel that they're a tad tiny winy? I know that most people however don't sit in front of huge screens and therefor bigger pictures can be too big. I edit my pictures on a very big screen and when I scale them down for the blog I sometimes feel that they disappear. Let me know!

27 July 2011

Daydream #3

I'm having some animal problem for my daydream project.
And the problem is - it's hard to find people who are willing to let their animals be photographed... and also when you find one, it's hard to find a time in which both the owner and the model are available. Sight. It's just these kind of things that kill the fun in projects.
But, I'll just have to spread the project over a couple of years instead for just this summer!

26 July 2011

Animal back

So you might wonder what happens when you fall asleep in nature?
THIS!! This is what happens! And it's insane. You might think - holy trousers... I never knew. And I know, you never did know. The known was unknown. But now you know!
Isn't it funny how now and know is spelled? It should be NAU for now and NOW for know. But it isn't! And that is something to think about as well. I sure know[now] I will. I will think about it aaaaall day because that is exactly how busy I am!

25 July 2011

Andrzej Umiastowski

Aren't these great? Oilpaintings by Andrzej Umiastowski.

24 July 2011


I found an old potato in our fridge, it had grown arms. Yuck, it is so gross, yet I put it on my head like a crown. Princess of garbage is what I am!
Me and Robert spent the morning at an antique fair... I brought home some really nice things, you'll see them soon here :)

21 July 2011

Cloudy sunrise

We woke up at 03.45.
But the sunrise was hidden behind clouds.
And the fox never showed himself.

20 July 2011

Best advertisement ever

I've decided that in one way or another, my bachelor project in school will be about foxes. I'd like to make a children's collection, different objects that all look or are about foxes.

And so I looked around at foxes on a website and found this amazing advertisement for brooks saddles. I wish all advertisements looked like this! And take a look at the video below, they show how the shooting worked... with the live fox and the happy dogs - it's the best "behind-the-shoot" I've seen so far. Made me warm at heart!

19 July 2011

Italian evening

Robert and Tess in Italy.
I have nothing else to add.

16 July 2011

Daniel Jackson

Ooooooow, I went by an ACNE store today and saw this covershot by Daniel Jackson for the acne paper and simply fell in love. This portrait is sooo perfect! The light, the silhouette, the model, the hair....everything. Perfect. I had to post this.
Do you love it too?

Maine coon Lea

My sisters first cat is called Lollo, he is grey with dark stripes and right now he lives with me in Sweden. Tess has however gotten a new cat in Italy, a Maine Coon named Lea. She likes to talk and to bounce around like a squirrel.

14 July 2011

Color practice

Ok, it's time to face facts, I'll never learn how to color if I don't start to practice. And I thought it was time for me to learn how to color on the computer. So... I've started on level one. A kid level. Easy and slowly. This was my first testpicture.
I try to look at how children's book illustrators work (since that's my secret dream job) and they often work in many layers and use a basic sketch that they color.

13 July 2011

Italian dogs

Here are a few lonely guys we met in Italy.

12 July 2011

Il Gufo

Gufo means Owl in italian. I thought that my sisters cat looked like an owl.
The illustration is about a fox protecting a owl with low self esteem from a fat wolf with chubby legs. Everyone thinks that the wolf is evil but he is actually just looking for some friends.

11 July 2011

Goat town

Or maybe I should call it ghost town? A city abandoned a long time ago and now only goats, crows and a few dogs live there. People aren't aloud in since the buildings can fall apart at any moment. This is a typical kind of thing that you can find in other countries but NEVER in Sweden. In Sweden the government cleans up everything that is falling apart. We even saw two tiny tiny tiny old Italian women dressed in black dresses walking by the village, looking like two tiny witches, screaming "Noo noo don't photograph us!!" with hoarse voices.
We also saw a sleeping bag covered with blood in one of the dark rooms... one might wonder what happens in the village during night.

10 July 2011

Back home

Hello hello, I got back yesterday... "unfortunately" the sun is shining here too so I haven't looked through my photos from Italy yet. But keep an eye open during the next days, I'll post something...although I didn't really photograph anything amazing during my vacation... just silly pictures :)