29 June 2011

I'm on vacation

Hello all you lovely Ulicamers!
I'm heading down to Italy with my boyfriend and my sister for 10 days.

Stay creative while I'm gone.
Lots of love - Uli

28 June 2011

For those of you who miss winter

I had to make a winter illustration for december for next years calendar. I still have to fix some bits on it though. Does someone miss winter? Hard to believe :)

27 June 2011

Clothes by Soft Gallery

Clothes and images by Soft Gallery

I saw these childrens' clothes on one of my favorite blogs (my owl barn) and I fell in love! The homepage... the photos... the design of the clothes... it was just PERFECT. I wish I worked for this label. The kids look so cool on all the photos, especially the brown-haired girl. And the illustrations on the clothes are great.
Lovely lovely lovely, take a look at it!

26 June 2011

I wish

Sometimes there are things you miss a little.
I kind of miss to once in a while be photographed and not be the photographer.
I know I don't have the most photogenic face or body, but I feel this enormous calm when someone else is sweating behind the camera and I can just stand there and be told what to do. "Stand like this - look that way". And it's not the same when I ask someone to photograph me... because then I still tell the person what to do and how the picture should look.
But then I don't really hang out with a lot of photographers, it's been a while since I was in photo school.

Artist Billie Achilleos has made animals out of a whole lot of Louis Vuitton bags, I thought that was rather fun :)

25 June 2011

What would you bring?

What would you bring if you liked searching for amber on the beach, loved the color green and smoked the pipe during sunset?

23 June 2011

Plastic fantastic

I while ago I posted a picture of my plastic animals. Well, the collection has grown so I'll post a new one! I would really like some raccoons, hedgehogs and ermines :)

I hope everyone will have a wonderful midsummer tomorrow! It's a day about flowers, fairies, dancing, myths, love and strawberries... that's rather nice.

22 June 2011

Summer siesta

Even royalty likes to relax during the summertime.
A big thank you to Vanja and Mina for modeling!

21 June 2011


Robert helped me out with these photos so I'm not sure who to give credit here :)
These are actually just shot with my little S90, I can recommend it to anyone who wants a tiny camera that can shoot RAW. I waited for a long long time before I decided to get a tiny camera as well... fearing that I would shoot less with my big one if I did, but I really haven't. I use the tiny one when I'm shooting my friends or when I'm on vacation. I don't have a need for high res pictures then. And then there are times when you really don't want a big clumsy thing taking up you entire bag. If I bring my big camera I always insist on bringing two extra lenses with me as well. So it ends up being quit heavy to carry.

20 June 2011

What would you bring?

What would you bring with you if you were a daydreaming painter, a flute playing shell collector and a fairytale reader?
This may be some of the items.

It's funny when I think about were all these items come from. The featherpen, colored flute and purse are gifts from my sister. I bought the little flute in Rome. The silverbox is a gift from Robert. The brushes and colors are my dads. The tiny dog is from my childhood. The postcard is from my friend Daniel when he was in India. The photograph was a finding in a vintage shop by my grandmothers house in Latvia. The book and the camera are gifts from my dad.The plastic animals are findings from a vintage children's store. And the shells are from some warm beaches south :)

18 June 2011

Little fishtail

I often see my photos of braids reblogged, so I thought that I would create some more with that theme. I can see why girls like braids, I LOVE them :) It's hard to understand that there are so few girls that experiment with their hair. You can make so many hairdos... but most girls just take for granted that they're to hard to make on your own. They're not! But it is easier to see someone do it than to look at tutorial photographs on the net... I know. Most tutorials make you more confused then you were when you started. Like most origami explanations... but a complicated braid can be similar to origami :)

17 June 2011

Nice things

An illustration I've been working on over the past days. I see now why my boyfriend often gets tired of his painting while doing them. When you work on a picture too long you lose interest after a while. Just like when you sew an outfit too long and then you never want to wear it because you're stared at it for a million hours!

This old fox represent all creative people who can sit and busy themselves (my swedish readers, do you know a good english word for pyssla?) during a long time into the night without noticing the time pass. I think that esthetically creative people have a unique way of disappearing into their own little world. Sometimes too much and that's why many creative people are a little strange :)

I also wanted to take time and thank every ulicam reader for being loyal to the blog. I think it is quit a compliment when you see that other people have reblogged your work. Thank you, it means the word to me. It always boosts me to create more when people give me feedback! So thanks to we heart it, Princesse Endormie, kreativitet, still dottie and Camilla Engman to mention a few who have mentioned my work recently.

Have a lovely friday!

16 June 2011

Working ducklings

I'm a duck duck duck and I work work work!
Have you seen ducklings working their feet for food? When there's a shallow pond like this were they can stand, they stomp the ground with their tiny little duckfeet until the soil whooses around and then the dive in and fetch all the crap that has been stomped up! Nice huh, I might try that in a garbage bin later today.
I sometimes wish that I was a duck in a pond. Without a worry in the world. Well, a part from being raped all the time by 2 to 5 crazy male ducks that is.

15 June 2011

Daydream #2

First photo I shot for the daydream series. Josefina with lamb.
I got to carry the lamb back to its meadow. Boy was it heavy! I thought that lambs would be light as feathers but it was heavy as a big dog :)

14 June 2011

Scratching hedgehog in my garden

There was this noise coming from the bush all day. Scrs-scrs-scrs-scrs. What was it?
I only found out a few hours later when I was clipping of some peppermint.
A little itchy hedgehog who couldn't stop scratching himself. He looked so funny! If you don't see the whole clip, make sure you see the bit on 01.14 when his right fot goes way way up and he kinda gets stuck in the grass while scratching. Haha. And people say it's a dark word we live in? How can it be that when you have scratching hedgehogs in your garden?
After a while he was completely exhausted from all the scratching so he just fell asleep in the sun.

13 June 2011

Lady with hare

Robert said: Look, she's got a long hitlers mustache!
I hope you can see that it is not a mustache.
And Robert, don't be so rude to older ladies!

12 June 2011

Circus with balls and bears

Another fox illustration for the 2012 year calendar. What month should this one be for?
I hope you're out in the sun enjoying yourself :)

11 June 2011

The Daydream Project

Introducing the daydream project :)
I'm really excited for this project! I'm hoping it will end in a exhibition or some sort of publication.
So what is it about?
The project is very close to my heart. It is about my own daydreams and the little world I so often escape to. In nature with animals.
There will be different women in each photo. The women will wear a skin colored body so that they neither symbolize a cloth brand or sexuality by wearing nothing. Their body simply symbolizes a thought. In every photo there will be some sort of animal. I'm hoping to find some exotic ones too.
It's about finding a place were you are completely in peace with yourself and with a creature that doesn't judge or look at you the way people do.
Stay tuned for more.

10 June 2011


Oh, I forgot to tell you, a couple of girls featured some of my drawings(the ones that are for sale) in their magazine.
It's called IDEM and it has a bunch of creative swedish bloggers in it. I'm somewhere in the end. You can look at the magazine here.
I think more people should gather good photography and art blogs, otherwise it can be hard to find your way around aaaall those fashionblogs out there. I think fashionblogs can be really creative and fun, like style bubble, but I also think that unfortunately a lot of girls don't know the difference between blogging about really interesting fashion and what they buy at gina tricot or h&m. But it can't be that easy to know when you're twelve :)

08 June 2011

Grey sky

Wow, I woke up to a grey sky and rain. Felt really nice! Most people in Sweden need a few days of from the sun now and then, we're just not that used to it. At least I'm not, maybe I shouldn't speak for everyone else. But you must agree that it can be really nice when it's been boiling hot a long time and then there comes a cool day were you can stay in without having angst.
I have a photo date with a 12 year old today. I'm working on my daydream series and I wanted a girl on a horse... and I got one in like 2 minutes when I took a jogging tour to the ponyclub. I like how children can be really open to ideas and that they're like... always free... so we could arrange the date already today. When I need to arrange a photodate with grownups it takes weeeeks for the schedules to match and for the weather to be right.
However, the girl will have to wear a body so I hope the rain will stop otherwise she'll get a cold and then I'll have some angry parents on my tale. I got really jealous of her, she was so pretty and she had this gorgeous white horse. And I was like... I wan't to be 12 years old and have a horse!

Photos above are of Mira and Robert.

Poppies being born

The poppy flower is a very esthetically appealing flower. It has so many pretty stages during it's growth. Here was last year favorite poppy pictures.
Do you have a favorite summer flower? Although I love the big poppy flowers, nothing can beat the sweet smell of a jasmine bush :)

04 June 2011

Little nest

Yay, first week in june is over and tomorrow starts a whole new week! I hope that I'll wake up on a better side of the bed this time. I think so.
Soon the strawberries will be ready and then everything will fall into place :)

First summer swim

Since me and Robert like to bath kallbad (sauna+sea), today wasn't really the first swim of the year for me. It was however the first summer swim. I've been rather off in my mood the latest days so it felt so good when I flapped around in the smooth cold water. I was by myself today, so I couldn't sit and chat with anyone while I tanned so I simply had to listen to the group of girls next to me who were fiercely discussing wether Jacobs abs were real or not in twilight. Most of them agreed that they were not. I think they're mistaken.
After swimming I tried to photograph a little but sadly ended up looking like a fat walrus on all the pictures. Time to start jogging or what?

03 June 2011


I totally forgot to show you my longboard that my boyfriend built for me. I made a post like a year ago were I showed a few images from the back that I had painted. My boyfriend is really good on these...heh...I'm still learning. I'm way to much of a sissy to go really fast.
Looking at it now sort of makes me want to bring out some colors again. Maybe it's time to paint on one of those empty canvases I have laying around.

02 June 2011

Little Sven

Josefina and Fredriks son Sven, how cute is he?

01 June 2011

Josefina and Fredrik

Another fake wedding shoot (although these two lovebirds are married) for my commercial portfolio. I've wanted to photograph Josefina for a while now so it was fun :)
I know that these photos may not be very fun or artsy, but I have to start gathering a portfolio that can speak to the everyday person as well (if I wan't to make some money one day).

I shot Josefina for my daydream series as well, more from that soon.

Robert sent me a funny video of a cat washing himself in the sink, weird huh?