31 May 2011

Bodils Bod

I had quite a sunday! Crawling around on a medow covered in sheepshit while having lambs and cats stroking against me. I thought it was great. Bodils Bod needed new photographs of their sheep and lambs for their webpage. I took quite a lot of photographs, so more is to come. I shot the first image for my daydream series and some fake-wedding photography.

29 May 2011

There's a storm coming

We've had some unsteady weather lately. Rain coming an going every day. Thunderstorms blowing by making my cat act like sissy. But I'm not complaining, I like when weather shows a little character. But I will say... my summerbreak is coming up so I hope the sun will say hello a few times so that I can work on my tan ;)

I found a tumblr with scientific illustrations, I love that stuff. I'd love some of that framed... together with a stuffed ermine on a shelf. Have any of you seen the playing ermines in slow motion in the life series? Oh my goosh they are so cute!!! Unfortunately the clip isn't on the net so you'll just have to buy the DVDs :)

28 May 2011

Goose ducklings

Oh, I can't get enough of these! So cute and poofy :) I will tell you that their parents pooped a whole lot but these little ones mostly just nibble on grass.
On the last photo it's my fault that the family is running off. The parents and ducklings were resting in the grass and then I stumbled out of the bush like a fat rhinoceros and they had to evacuate. I felt a little guilty. But if animals stopped being so stressed out all the time the nature photographers might get a chance of documenting their pretty faces. Äh, but who am I to speak? I'm the most nervous little geek in the world. I sometimes think that that's what make me so close with animals, that I'm just as nervous as they are. Heh, I wish right? Can't admit that I'm a geek so I try to compare myself with cool animals :)

27 May 2011

The Photo Bag

Ok, so I've been a terrible little blogger lately, the reason for that is that I've been so busy finishing my school project (this bag + presentation + booklet) that I haven't even had time to do hygienic things like wipe my butt or shave my armpits.
But now it's done and I can kiiinda breath out, although I still have a few things to finish during next week. But then I'll have summer break and boy oh boy will I finally have time to do my own crap.
The bag is a out-in-the-forest, flexible in size, photo bag. With a dry pack cloth compartment in the bottom and in-foldable lens pockets on the sides.

19 May 2011

Polar dog

I've had a few blast from the past lately, looking back at old albums and reading old yearbooks. Sometimes it's nice not to live in the moment but to cuddle down into the past.
Living in Lofoten gave me many good memories and of course a few bad as well. It's not the easiest thing to live door to door with 100 people without some drama and gossip happening. But luckily I mostly remember the good things, and there were a lot of them. Lofoten was the place were my creativity really got a kick off.
The three images above are from spring 2008 I think.

I have a new project cooking by the way. Hopefully it will bloom during the summer. It'll be about daydreaming and a whole lot of animals. Keep a look out!

18 May 2011


Photo from spring 2008. Me with dog Aurora.

Our iMac is acting strange.
The volume is constantly lowering itself.
I can't press shift, command or alt by themselves. I can press command+Q or shift+A for instance... but I can't hold down command and select files for instance... or I can't hold down shift and scale an image properly in photoshop. I'm going nuts! Has anyone experienced something like this before?

14 May 2011

Birds I met in the park

Oh my gosh, I wish someone had filmed me and Robert when we saw the ducklings. We were like Oh my god, they're so cute!
They're soooo cute
They're SO CUTE!!!
T h e y a r e s o C U T E !!!!

And they really were.

13 May 2011

Taking your rabbits for a walk in the park

It seems that blogger has been down for a while and they celebrated it with removing my last post (quite rude don't you think?) and then deleting all the comments. But here's a new illustration of mr fancy fox sitting in a park with his many white rabbits. He has one favorite though that sits next to him.

09 May 2011

Norman Lindsay

Illustration by Norman Lindsay

I found these adorable children book illustrations on the blog Bibliodyssey, and while looking for more illustrations by the same artist I realized the he drew way more nudes than animals in suites. But I wasn't let down since the nudes are really nicely drawn, don't you think? The lines are exceptional, very inspiring!

08 May 2011

Let's play mr and mrs in bw

There is something I really love about black and white photos that don't have completely white areas. And then to that a little grain and some soft spots. It feels so much more like a story or a fairytale than when a picture is supersharp in color, don't you think?

07 May 2011

Let's play mr and mrs

So who are these lovely people? Well it's Mina and Rasmus having a pretend wedding :) They were so sweet to model for me, especially Mina who I know is very uncomfortable in front of the camera. But she did such a good job and was super duper pretty. As thought all the girls waking by saying "aaaaaw". I really really hope that Mina will model for me again, she has such a soft and feminine face. Rasmus was a great model too, I like his ability to concentrate even when I'm up really close with the camera.

The pictures are simply for my wedding portfolio, if I want to search for wedding gigs I do need some wedding photos. When I tell people who are considering to hire me that they can se all they need to know about me as a photographer on my homepage... they don't really fall for it. They simply ask for more wedding photos. Which I hardly have. Next week I'll do another one of these. Fake weddings. It's rather fun. When shooting I'm as usual completely up in my own mind and always forgetting to take breaks. Which leaves my poor models exhausted. It's the same way when I'm teaching... I just babble on and before I know it it's been 2 hours and the students are like "Can we take a break now???"

I took Mina and Rasmus to see the cows get let out (in swedish: Korusning), but unfortunately it was quit a disappointment. No milk, no cookies, and the cows were to lazy to jump around. I felt a little bad for Mina and Rasmus who I had dragged all the way out to that farm. Lets hope they could enjoy the fresh air at least :)

I hope that the rest of you are having a wonderful weekend. Thank you for stopping by Ulicam :)

03 May 2011

Farmer foxes edited

Ok, so I kept sketching more on this one, because the last posted version just didn't cut it. I like it much better now. More lines usually helps the illustration :)

02 May 2011

Farmer foxes

Oh, I haven't decided if I like this one yet.
I feel like there is missing some dark areas.
What do you think?

01 May 2011

What I learned about birds...

I have never really photographed birds, so I thought I could give it a go today.
This is what I learned:
My tele photo zoom needs cleaning (dust spots were like diarrhea over the photos)
Birds move around, ALOT
Small birds move around EVEN MORE
Small birds act a bit epileptic
Holding your breath while shooting during 2 hours makes you dizzy
Birds hack up a worms faster than a baker slices up a pizza