28 April 2011


Unknown girl with horses.
Louis, king of our backyard.

27 April 2011

sunset grooming

Wow, heading out during sunset today was magical. The light was so nice and everyone was out with their dogs and horses.
I must say that the whole "time to get back to work" thing isn't going very well. I'm having major banana trouble focusing on utterly boring school projects. All I can think about is trotting around in the grass and starting with new illustration projects. Uhh...sooon sooon. Patients Uli.

25 April 2011

Back to work

Well, I think it's safe to say that almost everyone has had a really relaxing and sunny easter. We should be really thankful for that, I know I sure am :)
But today is the last day of trotting around, since it's back to school tomorrow. I almost thought I had summer break already. It's going to be hard to get back the work with the sun being all shiny and all over the place. Now I see why we need a long dark period with winter and cold, otherwise we simply wouldn't get anything done!

23 April 2011

Happy easter and happy birthday

Happy easter to you and happy birthday to me!
I hope you'll eat a lot of eggs and see some really nice bunnies.
Today I turn 23 and I've decided to spend it with my favorite person(Robert) in my favorite place(the forest). I'll be turning 63 years the next time I'll have my birthday on easter.

The first flower macro has arrived. The insects were really cuddled up in the new fresh flowers in the botanical garden. So beautiful. Hah, although I actually think that the bug on the second photo was drowning in pollen. I actually had to save a bee that was trapped in a tulip. He'd also completely drowned in pollen and was buzzing mad as hell. He couldn't get out. So I flipped the flower down and he rushed away (probably to have dinner with his family)

21 April 2011

The perfect place

What's your favorite place?

I went to the zoo today. They had tiny bunnies. I went crazy. I got so excited I got a headache. Then my mum got me a lollipop and it stuck to my lips and I panicked so we ran around by the bears panicking. My mom pressed her icecream(that wasn't so icy) to my face. It didn't help. Then she poured lots of water over my face. That helped more. I felt like I was 6 years old.
On saturday I'm turning 23, hard to imagine!

19 April 2011


I knew this electric blue dress would stand out beautifully in nature. So how lucky was I when the old lady next to me in the opera costume sale turned out to be to chubby for this dress? She tried to button it on and sighted "Oh well, this will never work!". And so I said "Could I have a go at it?". And the dress was mine. I do have this theory that all princess dresses that end up in my hands end up with a very beautiful life.
This season I purchased 4 new wonderful dresses. You'll see a lot of them.

18 April 2011

Forest people

I took a day of and spent most of it in the forest. Pictures from that coming up tomorrow. But for now, a picture of me and Robert in the forest yesterday.

17 April 2011

Easter tutorial: how to color eggs with onion shells

For me, this is the only way to color easter eggs! With flowers, leafs, feathers and onion shell. Most people I meet have never heard of this method (unless they're from eastern europe that is). So I thought I would share it with you.

This is what you need! Flowers, leafs, string, eggs and onion shell. The bigger onion shells the better. Just go to the supermarket and dig around in the onion box. You'll find quit a lot!

Moist the egg and the flowers/plants with water, that will make it easier for them to stick to the egg. Don't put flowers over the eggs stamp, that will make it stick out..and you want to hide that ugly stamp. I recently discovered that putting a little feather makes a beautiful print!

Moist the onion shells and wrap it carefully around the egg. Don't move around the flowers. Red onion shell colors much much more than yellow. But it can color too much. It's beautiful when you put little pieces of red onion shell around the egg though.

Wrap the string tight around the egg. String that's wrapped around sloppy will fall of when it's cooking. Also, use a lot of string. The tighter you spinn the flowers and onion to the egg, the better prints you'll get.

Put all the eggs together with the onion shell leftovers into a pot. Cook it for about 15 minutes. These eggs are supposed to be eaten and not hung on branches!

Rinse the cooked eggs in cold water and wrap the string and onion shell carefully of.

This beautiful print was made with a little white swan feather. The reddish tone on the right is from red onion shell.

Rub the eggs in bacon or some other grease to make them shine even when they're dry. You don't have to do this but it gives them a extra nice appearance!

Go outside and find some nice moss, the eggs will look beautiful resting on it :)

Good luck! I hope you try this during eater. If there is a part in the tutorial which is unclear, please let me know :)

15 April 2011

Happy weekend!

Yay! It's friday friiiday friday...fun fun fun!
The photos above are for the band since our first guitar. They needed some press photos and asked for my help. Heh, I think they didn't feel so good about the photos in the end of the shooting. But they haven't seen them yet so they might change their minds. Lets hope so.
If you like the soft effect on the top right on the top photo...it's quit a simple trick. Just blow some hot air onto your lens while shooting. If you want some blurry effects you can rub grease from your skin on the lens..like grease from your forehead or something :) If you have a greasy forehead that is! Don't shower so much before shooting!

There's a little feature and interview with me on the blog "...culture?" <---

13 April 2011

In my room

Little pieces from my room.
Some from old photographs, some of my many plastic animals, a vintage dress and a dried flower.

10 April 2011

To: Morran

Another laserprinted work. This one was for Camilla Engmans cute dog Morran.

08 April 2011

To: Annette

I think there is something magical about the esthetic talents that are exposed because of the internet. We look at so many artists work and get inspired like never before. Yet we very seldom take the time to leave a comment or to show out appreciation.
This little wooden illustration is sent out to Annette Pehrsson. I think it's great that young photographers like her have an ability to show their work and get known through the internet. She has already been featured in many magazines and websites.

So when people say that blogs are useless, I say they're wrong. There are blogs that give us opportunities. And then there are useless blogs of people who write about what kind of cake they ate with their coffee... but let's focus on the good and not the bad!

07 April 2011

Braid crown

If I was to be asked to go to a costume party right now, I would definitely dress up as nature :) With branches in my hair and flowers around my neck.

05 April 2011


A few prints from my favorite illustrations. 

04 April 2011

Pale pink

My bum got muddy while taking this picture. But you can't tell can you?
I can't wait for the trees to get some leafs on them... it's really hard for a self portrait shooter like me to find locations were I'm not seen by people walking by. And my favorite place was occupied by kids when I wanted to take this picture... whaat? So I had to go to another place... a muddy one.

The braid is a fishtale, if you don't know how to make one there is a tutorial here. Although, you hardly need a tutorial, all you need to do is to split your hair into two parts and then just take a little from each side every time.
A beautiful mess posted a great tutorial about how to make a maiden braid, haven't done one of those yet so I should try it out :)

03 April 2011

Pinhole Hasselblad

Kelly Angood has created a pinhole "Hassleblad" that anyone can download, print and use. I think it's so great when people share their creative little solutions.
You can download the frames here and see tutorials and what now here.

I tried making a pinhole camera out of a shoebox when I was in photography school. It didn't go so well. I was never patient enough for the dark room :)

02 April 2011


Me and Robert, picture taken today.
Thank god it stopped raining so that we got to have a little nature-time. What's weekends otherwise good for??

01 April 2011


Finally it's April!! The best month of all!
Easter is in april and that means coloring eggs, eating chocolate and looking for bunnies.
Also, april the 23rd is my 23rd birthday. How special is that? Imagine turning 45? There's no number in the calendar for that! No no! Hahaha. Calendar FAIL. Or imagine having your birthday on the 31st of July and then turning 32 years old? That's crazy! But yes, it happens every year.

I've done some portrait scribblings during class in biro(seen above). More to come.