29 March 2011

Goodbye winter

Trapped in my sweaty boots, my feet got overheated yesterday when I walked through the forest. So I took a stop on by a little water stream and dipped my naked feet into the icecold water. The sun was warm and friendly and the birds were singing happily.
Then and there I knew that this was the end of winter.
And how lovely isn't that?

27 March 2011

Type puppy

Hello hello!
Well, I can tell you this, photographing labrador puppies is totally different business than photographing pug puppies. There's a whole lot more running around, peeing and pooping going on. Haha, but I got through the day :) A little poo won't stop a session.
The day has been really nice otherwise, wish a could have a couple of these sundays in a row.
I've cuddled puppies, walked through a beautiful forest and driven the car with the sunroof open listening to really loud music.

23 March 2011

What is cuter than an otter?

When you're all stressed out, imagine being this little guy. It'll help!
My dad used to say that when he was little, he imagined being a polar bear all cuddled up in the snow....with no worries in the world. I think that's a good thing to have, your own little power animal. Just being able to imagine you're someone else for a while. It can be so nice getting out of your own skin now and then.
I'm not sure what my power animal is. But the otter isn't a bad start.

Friendly creatures

I had a day off so I went to the zoo.
I could have spent an hour with the bunnies. Oooew.... cuddle cuddle.

20 March 2011

Simen Johan

Photography by Simen Johan

Love love love
Yes, it's stuffed animals, if you were wondering.
And yes, they're heavily photoshopped.
One image can contain not less than 100 photographs.

18 March 2011

Ruva, treelight for midnight picnics

This is my light for our LED project in school. As I might have written before, I wanted to make a foxscarf with glowing eyes and got really grumpy when my teacher didn't allow me. However, I discovered that the light through a jar was really pretty, almost as a water reflection, so I wanted to use a jar as my starting point. It's always really cosy when people hang jar with lights in trees. However, then the light is going up and you can't see the beautiful pattern the jars bottom makes.
At first I just wanted to make a wooden blob on top of the jar, were I could put all the technical stuff inside. I thought; no no I can't make an animal since my teacher said "Don't do what you always do". But in the end I experimented with putting a beak on my blob and then there was no turning back.
Off course it should be little birds sitting on their glowing nests hanging from the tree!

It's called RUVA, which means brood (as in sit(brood) on eggs) and it's purpose is to give a waterlike light down on the ground beneath a tree. The lamp should hang on strings so that the light moves in the wind. This in order to bring a little cozier feeling to the park at night, or maybe even encourage midnight picnics (that hopefully won't end up with rapist running out from the bush next to you). The jars can have different shapes and forms, as can the birds. This is just one example.

Note, after presentation, teachers comment:
"You have this nice light idea, and then you destroy it with that BIRD. What is it doing there? It is SO confusing. "

14 March 2011

Fox prince in garden

There was once a nervous little fox. Prince, but about to become king.
He didn't want to rule the country and start wars.
He just wanted to walk around in his garden, carrying his little dachshund.
Smell the flowers and rest under apple trees.

09 March 2011

Photography sleep

Heiiia little trolls
What a storm I had to sleep through tonight! I woke up just about every hour and feared that the windows in my room would break into a million little pieces by the fierce wind. Other times I thought the hail would break the windows. In other words, it felt like dangerous sleeping. Especially when my room got all white by the thunder, I felt like a little kid putting my cover over my head and squeaking. Like a little squirrel.
Today I talked a little about fashion and the students got their assignments.
And I took a picture of the beautiful second year student Signe (seen above).

Hope all is well at home and in other places of the world!
Love Uli

07 March 2011


Well, you wouldn't believe the flight I had up to the north. The turbulence was maaad, luckily I'm not scared of flying. I looked at the stewardess while the plane was shaking... and since she simply looked bored I figured there couldn't be any danger. The worst turbulence is when landing and lifting, and since I had to lift and land 4 times..and got pretty shaken. Like a milkshake! Yeah. Cool.
Something that wasn't to cool though was that my luggage didn't make the last plane with me and that they forgot to pick me up and that it was a slapping snowstorm. That's life! It's kinda gross though when you can't shower and change your clothes after you've sat in sloppy airplanes all day.

06 March 2011

I'm heading north

I'm flying up to Lofoten today (it only takes three airplanes to get me there ;). I'll be gone until saturday. I've checked the weather during my landing... wind 20m/ sec and heavy snowfall...help! I'm starting to wonder if I'll even get there tonight or if the planes will stay on the ground.
Hopefully I'll get creative and have something to show here. Let's hope so. But I'm teaching almost all day and when I'm done there'll only be a few bright hours left.