23 January 2011


Raffe is such a beautiful dog, and a very photogenic one too. It's a really old breed. It's elegant and a little smaller than a whippet. It is the smallest of all sighthounds (vinthundar). I actually wanted him together with a whole bunch of stuff... books, skeletons, old cameras, turtleshell, pinecone, pipe...a dead ferret..haha, but the whole thing looked way too chaotic so I liked these simple ones better.

19 January 2011

Gandee Vasan

Photography by Gandee Vasan, from the books Dog Days and Cat Capers.

Well, you can image just how much I love these? To some it might just look like simple portraits of dogs. But it is not! They're simply amazing. The way Gandee Vasan has captured the dogs personalities is remarkable. So simple yet so great. I also admire the fact that he has put up the entire book on behance network, I feel that so many photographers are afraid to show all their work on the internet... but when seeing all of Gandees photos - I only want to buy the book more. So photographers like Tim Walker... who has a thick book of 4,5 kg but almost no photography on the internet(his official website is quite new actually)... makes the purchase of the book not as tempting. I know that he's a great photographer, yet I have no clue what's inside the book (and yes, off course all book stores keeps this expensive book wrapped and sealed in plastic).

18 January 2011

Ulrika Kestere 2006-2010

I thought it might be a good idea to collect my favorite photos from the past years into a book. And so I did. But as always pictures on print don't seem as luminous compared to seeing them on the screen. I'm one of the few I think that really likes seeing photography on the screen and not so much on print. Off course, I love having photography on print too, but I think the colors look really great on screen. Especially things that shine, flares and such glows.
If I get some time to change the book I think I want the photos to be a tad smaller, there's too little white space right now, I feel like the photos can't breath.
I've ordered this from a company named blurb.
You can actually buy the book here, if that would be something you might consider :) In my case it was cheaper to buy it in english pounds.

17 January 2011

oh no in my head

A pretty long time ago someone said that I always write negative stuff on my blog. And since then I've tried to leave my angry thoughts outside this place (with the occasional complains on some posts), but now I've had such a grey gue in my brain for some time that I think it might help to write it off. I don't have a journal so there isn't really any other place I could write(maybe on toilet paper).

If there is such a thing as a past life, I think I must have been one of those over working animals... like ants. Carrying big balls of rabbit poo to my queen every day. I feel so stressed to work all the time. Or maybe, not so much to work work, but to somehow realize how I can make photography to work. One of the things that keeps surprising me ever since high school is how little one(that being me) knows about how to get a foot out in to the world. Simple things like getting the right contacts, getting advertisement and knowing when to invest big on an idea.
The only thing people say in the art business is that you need to network. Network network network. That's all the advice you gets. But sometimes you aren't really sure how to do that either.
Sometimes you see someone young and talented who does something really well, and you feel so happy for them. But sometimes, you see someone who does exactly what you want to do and then it's harder to feel super happy, you just feel really JELOUS and then a little sad and then maybe a tad angry. When you're over those three emotions you might just end up at depressed. That's where I am now. And it stinks, this emotion is a depressing place to be. Being depressed is depressing! Right? Yes that's right :(
So what then? Should I work as an assistant? Freelance for newspapers (iek)? Open a studio? Apply for money/scholarships and start my own project that I try to publish later? Contact publishers and discuss what ideas could be interesting for their company? Photograph new faces for model agencies?
I mean sure, a simple answers would be - yes, try to do all those things. But my negative brain can hear the answer to most of those ideas, and they often end with "no, we don't need more photographers", "there is no money" or "you want to photograph dogs??". Well yes... I would actually like to photograph dogs, or any other animals. So my question is, how did William Wegman, Rachael Hale, Gandee Vasan and Sharon Montrose do it?

Jajaja, school starts tomorrow and then I'll have other things on my mind. This always happens when I have a long break, I start thinking about things... and then about the future... and about ever getting a job... and then I just go c-c-craaazy.

The quick sketch above is an idea for sketches I will do during my classes this semester, animals on fancy chairs.

16 January 2011

Pug puppies

This is where I spent my sunday afternoon, next to a box with six pug puppies. First shoot for my new dog project... which I can't define right know, but I hope it'll come to me on the way. All and all, I want to have a more commercial portfolio with dogs, although commercial photo isn't the most amazing one to look at, it seems to sell better. So what can I girl do?

10 January 2011

Russian Winnie Pooh

Ok, I know it's a drag to watch videoclips on peoples blogs, but russian Winnie Pooh is really something worth seeing!

08 January 2011

A taste from 2010: animals

Well, for a girl like me who's an absolute animal freak I sure didn't take a lot of photos of them last year. Shame on me. But I hope that will change this year. I have a dog/puppy project going on. Or rather, trying to get going on. I'm having trouble with some really rude dog breeders though. Getting free photographs of their beloved dogs is obviously nothing that interests them. One said that I should be paying him or at least take photos of his daughter in return (who, mind me saying, was not my kind of model). He also said that I shouldn't bother taking "nice" photographs for dog breeders since they simply don't have any need for cute dog pictures since that only sends out an unprofessional impression of the breeder. I've actually read breeders say that other breeders who have nice homepages put more time in front of the computer than on the dogs.
In other words: If you have a nice homepage with nice photographs - you're not a serious breeder.

Sure, there can be some truth in that...but mostly I just think it sounds as some serious BS.
However, next week I have a shoot with one breeder (pug puppies) and one of an Piccolo Levrieri Italiano (Italiensk vinthund, it's very beautiful).
Hopefully, in the future, there will be more people willing to let their dogs pose for me. I'll keep looking!

07 January 2011

A taste from 2010: macro

Last year was the first time I really played around with my macro. It was only because I didn't know what else to photograph, but I learned a lot and ended up with a lot of pictures that I really like. The greatest shoot was definitely the one of the poppy flowers after rain (top photo).

06 January 2011

A taste from 2010: self portraits

Some of my favorite self portraits from 2010.

04 January 2011

October Korpus

One of my favorite illustrations for this years calendar. Korpus in the bath. Sketched by the pool in Thailand :)
While drawing for my children's book I am getting more and more comfortable using color. Maybe I'll do more of that in the future...but just maybe, I still enjoy black and white ink sketches a lot.