02 December 2011

Fox making pashmina wool

Pashmina... cashmere... it's all very nice. I think what differs the two is that pashmina is from a certain Himalayan goat. It takes just about three goats to make one scarf. Think about that. I'm combing Lollo as often as I can in order to collect enough wool for a vest. Haha. I might never get there.
When I'll have a job and be financially stable, I'm going to buy myself a really expensive cashmere sweater... one that I'll have forever... yes yes... that's what I'm dreaming about.
I'm kinda in love with really qualitative wool... like alpaca, merino and the two I just mentioned. Anyone else who's a fan of nice wool?


  1. Im a huge fan of the wool socks:D

  2. I love alpacka wool too! But vicuña is even better. It is, however, also more expensive.

  3. I'm the biggest fan of wool. I even wear woolsocks, you know the thin ones just like normal socks. And wool jumpers, and wool scarfs and wool mittens and wristwarmers, hats... I even wish I had a set "underställ" in wool or perhaps silk... can't make my mind up. But I'm defintely a wool fan!

  4. Love wool<3 and love the pic!