03 December 2011

3 years

Me and Robert turning 3 years on this 3rd of december.
Just like I turned 23 this year on the 23rd.
So funny with numbers.
Sometimes people don't really like numbers though.
Like when the number of age is too big, but also sometimes too small :)
I hope that my readers aren't getting stuck up on age numbers.


  1. such a beautiful picture! robbie looks extra cool and serious! super like!

  2. Yay! SuperCOOL comment DREWli. Yes I think Robbi looks very manly here :)

  3. I can't believe I'm 24 - never thought I'd be someone to say that, but I guess I am now.

    Your book came the other day! Some exceptional photographs in it. My mum loves it too. Keep snapping away, it's totally unique and you'll go far in life

  4. Thanks Ben, so fun that you have my book!

  5. The only number that bugs me right now, is the fact that there is only 20 days until christmas eve! Ooooh dear, i can feel the stress already!

  6. Grattis (jag kan inte heller fatta, blir bara äldre och äldre..)

  7. The numbers don't start bugging you until you get older.