18 November 2011

Something smells burned

How exciting, a burned car! I went out to this place (St Hans Backar if you live in Lund) to shoot the next picture for the Girl with 7 horses and I couldn't resist making a quick picture by this car as well. So beautiful and ugly at once... like a pug ;) However, I do feel sick when I think about all the crappy things that went out into the air we breath when shit like this is being burned by bored people.

Thank you for all the likes on my facebook page. I get a smile on my face for every like! When you have a blog you keep an active eye open for each follower you get on bloglovin and blogger... sometimes there is a new one and sometimes someone has gone. Haha, that has to be the saddest things, when someone stops following you. It's like having someone break up with you (and yet not at all), like - I don't find you interesting anymore. You get weirdly attached to your blog. Does anyone else feel like their blog is like a pet almost?

Before I end this post I have to thank my boyfriend once again for giving me the self trigger two winters ago. It has been one of the absolutely best toys to bring with my camera, making pictures like this possible.


  1. I completely understand how you feel!

    p.s. I just "liked" your FB page.. :D

  2. I agree about losing followers. I try to take care of my blog :)

  3. I completely agree about the gaining and losing a follower!
    I treat my blog with so much care and try to make it appealing for myself and others, and when someone else enjoys it its a great feeling!

  4. Love the picture:) it seems like flying skirts are becoming a little signature of yours:)

  5. Yes... I'm just crazy about flying hair and fabrics! Makes it look like time really stopped for a second :)

  6. det var så lite så :) det är kul att du använder den till att skapa en massa fina bilder!