16 November 2011

little deer rider

Today I actually managed to scribble a picture during class since we had a sleepy teacher who talked super slow, so I felt that if I only listened to him time went slower than what would be perceived normal.
At the moment I'm waiting for UPS to come by with my portfolio...hmm... I've never quit understood the advantage with UPS and Fed-ex... when are you ever home during the day having the possibility to receive packages? Isn't the best thing when your package ends up at the post office and you just pick it up when you've got time? That's the easiest and most nature friendly way I think :)
Also, I want to take a shower really bad but how can I do that when it might ring on the door any second? Should my cat open? I've asked him several times. He simply isn't interested in doing things like that. Door opening things.


  1. haha, I know what you mean, waiting for a package has definitely 2 sides, the one where you are excited and the other one where you have to be prepared to open the door, I feel never really prepared to open the door :)