28 November 2011

Last items for sale

I still have a few items left to sell since it was a stormy day during the market and all smart people stayed home :) I'm lucky though that I have such good friends and family, my mum brought me food, my boyfriend brought me cookies, my friends stopped by and held me company, then my dad came by with smoothie and cookies, and finally some more friends kept me company until the day was over.

There are 14 little calendars left, so if you want to give them away for christmas you should buy today!
Also, Hipster Fox and Nervous fox weren't as cool as the intelligent, ballerina and nature fox so they're still for sale. They're a bit smaller than the other ones so I'm selling them for 200 SEK. Email me at info@ulrikakestere.com if you're interested.

NOTE Nervous Fox and Hipster Fox is SOLD


  1. Åh nej, betyder det att du inte har några stora kalendrar kvar?

  2. Ja tyvärr, de har alla redan hittat nya hem.

  3. cant believe noone bought the hipster, i would def buy it if i wasnt living in boxes:)

  4. Uli, jeg vil gjerne kjøpe den siste reven, hvis du fremdeles har den. Den er kjempefin!

  5. Aaaah de sma raaavarna...hoppas de fick goda hem...du borde be folk om CV innan de far kopa dina verk som det finns sa mycket varme, hjarta o karlek i varje trabit!!!!

  6. I wish you still had some calenders :(