10 November 2011

The girl with 7 horses #4

Fourth finding: November 10th

Thank you so much for all the response on the last picure. You're the best, I love it when you share your opinions with me!
I went to the sauna out in the sea today so I took the opportunity to make another picture for the series. It was kinda hard to get some work done when there were dogs running around and kids coming by and bothering me (Is that a dead horse? What are you doing? Whaat? EEE?).
Otherwise I've had a really failed day. Dentist... arguing and getting super frustrated at my teachers... forgetting about my ballet class... my ballet class! That was the ONLY fun ting I had going on this week and I forgot! I never forget anything, what is wrong with me? I'm super duper disappointed at Uli.

(isn't it great how the horses tail actually looks like a large pond of diarrhea?)


  1. Hei Uli, for et fantastisk bilde. Jeg tror ikke det er noen særlig grunn til å være misfornøyd med deg selv, jeg! Du er utrolig talentfull!

  2. Sorry to hear your troubles :( but this finding is quite lovely! oh-so pretty next to the waters edge. Can't wait for number 5!


  3. Haha, I can imagine all the kids asking questions.. Lovley horse though, I think a like this one the most :)

  4. Hello Uli,

    this horse series is very much beautiful, the idea and the the way you perform and present it are so clear and stunning, you know.
    I follow your blog and sometimes I wonder how do you this http://ulicam.blogspot.com/2011/08/superuli-in-red.html

    how did you make the dresses just "fly"?
    what inspired you for that?

    thank you very much in advance!


  5. Hi Marina, the skirts I threw up one at a time and then later I put the picture together in photoshop!

  6. this horse is really nice. I like its fingers the most. Great job mother uli

  7. Hey Uli. First of all, you inspire! Yet my question is about your camera (or I'm sure you have several). I'm trying to find the right one to buy. Can you recommend one?

    Trine, DK

  8. Hi Trine, when I shoot images that need to be perfect, I always use my canon 5D mark II. Before I've worked with a Canon D10 and D30, which are just fine if you don't need superbig prints later on. My tiny camera that I bring to the beach and parties is a canon S90, which is a great little camera since it can shoot RAW.
    Hope this answers your question!