31 October 2011

The weekend is over!

It's been quite a good weekend, with birthday parties, brunches, other parties and meeting friends. I didn't produce anything artistic during the weekend so I'll just post a picture of my two friends in a food coma after brunch. And as for you wondering about things;

Do you post edit your photos in Photoshop?
Yes, always. I mostly just work with the colors.

Do you ever shoot film?
Yes I have, but I don't today since I lack the patiants. But I admire people who keep at it and an analog picture will always be an analog picture... it's got that little extra. If I would I would shoot with a square format... probably with my holga that gives extra juicy pictures.

If you had the chance to stand up and say something to the whole world, what would it be?
Huh, if I had the chance to say something to everyone it would be about nature. Please don't use as much plastic that isn't recyclable. Use your bike more, it's good for both your body and the planet.
Above all, realize that this is not the planet of humans but the planet of all creatures, show respect for animals and their homes.

What's your favorite name for a baby?
Oo, I have many... for a girl Tove, Freja, Ronja and Mira
For a boy Ludvig, Muskot, Edvin and Vilgot

Cats or dogs?
I think dogs. But I really love cats as well. If you have the time and live at the right place... I think a dog will be a better friend. But for most people a cat is a more suitable pet.

What photographers inspire you?
Camilla Ă…krans, Paolo Roversi and Elina Brotherus to mention a few.

How long have you been studying and what's your dream job?
I've studied photography for 2 years and now I'm in my third and last bachelor year in industrial design.

How did you make that photo round?
Heh...with a round marking tool?

What makes you tick?
I'm actually not sure what this question means, I've googles it but I'm still not sure :)

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  1. By "what makes you tick" I meant that what motivates you... what inspires you... what makes you want to get up in the mornings... what makes you do what you do?