19 October 2011

Thank god I'm older!

Yesterday when I went through some clothing stores I saw some young girls looking at me weirdly(?) and all of a sudden I remembered what it was like when I was 17-ish. It really was no fun at all. You often say like "Wha, I still feel like I'm 17!". But I mean, do you really? How much did I know about photography and photoshop when I was 17? Not enough at least. I completely sucked at drawing, I am so glad that I actually have somewhat a "style" in the way I draw today. I know when something says me and when something is just trying to say me but actually it's me copying someone else.
In photography I keep learning every year. If I look at what I did during my first year in my photography education it really wasn't very good.
And if I look back at my folders from every month during the past 5 years I can see that I have done quite a lot... both concerning education, travel, photography, illustration, design... etc. And now I have things like a drivers license and...heh... I know how to talk to boys (which I didn't really when I was 17).

People often say that time flies but it's not completely true because time does what we do, walks, it does not fly. We experience so much more than we realize. Imagine a 100 years ago, you pretty much never saw a different country then your own and if you got a cold you died! Appreciate all the wonderful things you're able to experience since you live in the year 2011. In 5 years you'll probably experience as much as people used to do in a whole lifetime.
And I know, there are so many people doing way more cooler things than you and all these young people who are super succefull. But I can guaranty you that they're just flies on the wall because most people have to struggle for a super duper long time to get were they are. And remember, the cooler and happier someones life is, the lonelier they often are. To reach great success and a lot of money there is little time left for family, friendship and relationships. These things take as much time as any cool career.

I'm not sure were I'm going with this, but my cat is eyeballing me looking superhungry so I think he and I will have to nip downstairs and find some liver in a can!
Smell you later and stay positive!

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  1. I was also really happy when I turned twenty-four, twenty-five. I did not like to be a teenager. Now I am a lot older, I do not quite know if I like that so well either...

  2. Thank you Uli, these are the words I really needed to hear today.

  3. what a beautiful post, thanks.

  4. Finaset bilden...det ar "min Uli"..vet inte riktigt varfor men ar forsta bildenpa lang tid dar jag kanner igen "systra ystra" min :)...dvs..sa som jag ser dig! kram..o yes..let's stay positive..both of us