14 October 2011

Sleeping through fog

The weekend is coming and most of you might take the opportunity to sleep in and dream fogy dreams. I'm quite the morning person so I will probably not be doing this :) These photos are from a very early saturday morning were I woke up around 7ish and was like "Wow!! Look outside!". And then I told Robert that I would head out to photograph... and he thought he would continue sleeping but then rather quickly realized that he wanted to capture the wonderful fairytale morning as well :)
This weekend I'll take some of my schoolmates out to the forest and then I would like to watch some Moomin episodes that I recently lade my hands on. What are you going to do?


  1. Oh, wow, wonderful! Magical indeed...
    Well, I'm gonna exchange plants with some people today and tomorrow.
    I will also take pictures of a plant collection at one persons home.
    That's fun for me !

  2. I am also a morning person! I enjoy it if I'm already up doing creative things while all is sleeping. These pictures are wonderful, especially that with the swans! Swans are always so impressive!

  3. we still have some sun here in Bulgaria, but I will probably sleep if I can a bit more as usual :)


  4. Exchanging plants and plant collections does seem interesting! :)

  5. so beautiful! <3
    I think I'm going to draw all day, and watch march of the penguins in the evening.

  6. Hi Uli,

    My name is Sonia. I'm following your blog since I find it very interesting. I love the way you draw foxes and personalize animals. Also your photos are full of melancholia, I love it.

    I have a personal blog too, where I draw and I invent stories related with the draws I do.


    Please I would appreciate if you could tell me if you like it or give me an advice about how to improve it.
    Many thanks in advance and keep being so original! :)