11 October 2011

New homes for the Calendar

How exciting isn't it to see something you've created in other peoples homes? I guess that's how fashion designers feel when they see their garment on someone else!
First gif is by Stefany Alves, blogger of The Public Diary.

And I was thrilled to see that the colorful Elsa Billgren recieved her calendar too. She is such a original person, always dressed in vintage dresses and she has great taste in furniture and animals :)

Almost unwrapped. Calendar at the home of Lovisa Ranta, blogger of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. She has really lovely hair!

And also the lovely Rebecka Bjurmell got one, her hair is supernice too! She's moving to Paris this week, lets hope that the foxes can tag along.


  1. I'm seriously lusting for your calender if only I could afford it...


  2. I lovelovelove it! Maybe for christmas.. Hm.

  3. Jag hittade din blogg via kisskissbangbang :D det är jag glad över! :D

  4. kan man köpa din kalender? vad kostar den i så fall? :)

  5. Till höger om inläggen finns det en bild på kalender och en text "Calendar shop", gå dit!


  6. Oh, I also find it special to see my handmade things in other places :)

  7. Fan vad fint att jag läser Elsa Billgrens blogg då och då eftersom det är genom henne jag hittade dig. Du är jätte inspirerande. Det är det finaste man kan vara vet du, finare än att vara snygg eller duktig. Puss!