07 October 2011


"Hehehehe" is what Lollo would say if he could.
It's funny, because if a model has her mouth a bit open she might look sexier but Lollo simply looks crazier!
Something is up with the air, because Lollo has been SUPERSOFT lately. I mean... like.. really soft. And he's just laying there being soft and I'm like yay lets cuddle and Lollo is like now I'll shall bite you!
I sometimes wish I was 40 cm tall so that I could spoon with Lollo. Imagine during winter when you're cold and you get cuddled up next to his warm belly :) I guess I have to get a landseer if I want to be able to do that.


  1. Eller tvinga Robert att bära en väldigt fluffig päls :)

  2. So sweet! Maybe the hair is so soft because winter is going to come, I also recognized that the hair of my dog has changed.

  3. I've noticed my cat's fur is extra soft recently too! and yes, he bites too. Its so annoying when I want to cuddle!

    I'm loving your wonderful blog. So much inspiration! :)

  4. Omgad, his face is so cute haha