05 October 2011

Fox and Morran

Good morning!
I'm at school and everyone is trying to manage to finish before the deadline hits and I've found myself being finished with everything already so I'm a tad bored. I think I should put that in my personal letter in my cv "always finishes a few days before deadline".

If you're an artist and a fan of Camilla Engman and Morran you should participate with some morran-art! All the profits go to charity.
Here's my illustration.


  1. Hey, I was the same at my studies! When others stayed up all night before the deadline, I was already finished one day before and had a "free" day :) I just can't work under pressure like the others and always look that I have enough time for everything.

  2. Haha, I think that's the way to do it! And if I had a studio I would like to hire people who were like that, who could plan their time well. Because it's not that hard... and working nights just before deadlines is stupid :)

  3. Imponerende! Jeg har aldri forstått slike som blir ferdige med noenting som helst før tiden! Og så er Morranbildet ditt imponerende. Håper det er ok at jeg skriver på norsk...

  4. Robbi: ♥
    Lise B: Det går kempegreit!