24 October 2011

Exploring sunday

Yesterday was so nice! I felt like a little squirrel bouncing around in nature. Having a little alone time really is underestimated. I actually found wild strawberries... and they were sweat and delicious. I strolled around in a place near to where I live... hoping maybe I could find a new location for a photograph. And I did! But then, I went into some other bushes and I found something that I think might just be were FOXES live. I'm not 100% sure but it sure looked like it. That.... or it was superbig rabbits. I have to come back with Robert... because silly enough I felt a little spooked. What if a big fox came around and was like Hey You! What the hell are you doing here??. When a stone moved next to my foot while I looked at the huge holes in the ground I almost shrieked (like a little girl)... but the thing is that there were these enormous doves everywhere...and they kept scaring me with their panic attacks... birds are so edgy.
Anywho... I kept lurking around and found this big fort/treehouse. It was a little dark in there so I didn't dare to enter... what if it was a residence for hobos? And then I found this little path I've never seen so I walked on that and suddenly I was next to the railroad and there was a roe deer in front of me!

I'm glad I could discover so many new things so close to were I live. Foxes and deers, who knew?


  1. I need to go somewhere where I can take a stroll and maybe come across a few wild animals. The city's not enough!