22 October 2011

Bird down

This was me yesterday. I was bird down for sure.
Sometimes you stock things in a really really high pile and then one day something knocks it down and there is crap all over the floor! Luckily I could talk to my family and above all my sister who is the only one who really gets what goes on in my head when these things happen.
I'm feeling better but I'm still putting a lot of things on the side for a moment now and trying to boost myself a bit. I thought about putting the blog on ice... but the thing is... I love this blog and all the people who follow it... so I simply can't.


  1. i hope you'll not do it:) at least for us:)
    and btw amazing picture one of the best i would say:)
    it's ok to have bad days;)

  2. I hope you are okay again. At least just a bit. I can tell you that you are not the only one having a though time at the moment.
    im sending telephatic warm thoughts towards you :)

    Btw. DONT stop your blog! It is so lovely, and the pictures are amazing!

  3. Varför sluta bloggen? Det är ju här du kan lägga upp vad du vill och inte behöva lyssna på lärare, kritiker, eller begränsa dig till en konstform etc. Dessutom verkar ju folk gilla det, vilket ju bara bevisar hur bra du är :)

  4. You inspire so many people with your drawings and photography, Uli! But it's your decision and we will understand if you stop blogging. If you decide to come back, we'll be here :)

  5. Thank you, you're all very kind.
    At the moment I don't think that quitting the blog will make me happier. And I think my little breakdown was good because I'm starting to build up and I'm feeling better already.
    And it is a super feeling that my photography and illustrations can bring joy to others!

  6. A lovely picture so please carry on inspiring us.

  7. Nooo don't leave us! I love the bird picture. It reminds me of the Greek story of Icarus and Daedalus.

  8. For et fantastisk bilde, Uli! Fint å høre at du ikke på alvor vil slutte med bloggen din!

  9. What'll I do with the huge 'Ulicam' tattoo that I have on my back if you stop!?

    Okay only joking about the tattoo, but your blog has become an amazing collection of posts - I'd hate to see it dwindle away

    hjartekram frå signe. håpar det går bra med deg<3