06 October 2011

Afternoon reading

When our electronics class was canceled I took the opportunity to do a quick photoshoot in my garden. Lollo was in a bad mood and acted like a real snob the whole time. He's been in a bad mood for some time now, what's up with that? He doesn't even greet me when I come home... rude.
I think this picture is too similar to the one I did previously in my garden. That's the downside with using the same set :(


  1. The shot is so good especially with your kitty in it :)

  2. Yes, right? Lollo makes the picture!

  3. maybe it looks a bit like this, but i LOVE it!!!
    greatings from germany:*


  4. that's a truly BIG cat!

    & the set is great! i wouldn't mind spending all day or all life reading in a place like yours!

  5. Your blog and pictures are simply awesome! I love this shot!