30 September 2011


Hey Ulicamers!
The last year of my bachelor is turning out to be more fun then the last ones since our class has changed a bit and there is a bunch of new fun people added to the group :) The ones standing up are my old friends but the new ones are(from left) Drew from USA, Sasha from Sweden/Canada and Joyce from Germany.
I wanted a cosy "autumny" student-like photo but the sun was so harsh that I didn't really manage. We'll do a new one on a more cloudy day! But this is the best I could do...
And yes, how fun was it to shoot some other people than myself? Superfun!


  1. oh wow, this photo is so beautiful! i relly love it:))
    and all of them have a so great stile!!
    p.s. i'm also from germany;) so i say:
    auf wiedersehen!! :)