04 August 2011

Uli by Robert

Robert photographed me a few days ago. And here's one of the pictures! We actually woke up at 5 a.m for this... I think that's rather disciplined of us :)
Gosh, I just had the worst "job audition" of my life today. It was for a studio were you can come and get your makeup done and then be photographed as a model-for-a-day kind of thing. We were six girls who got called yesterday to come over today to check out the studio and get some information. And everything was so unprofessional! The pictures all looked like shit and the supersleazy boss just said "It's all about making as many pictures as possible on as short of a time as possible, you don't have time to use more than one light and we NEVER retouch anything!" and none of the girls there had had any proper photo education even. One girl was like "I work in a bank!".
And then the sleazy guy said "I'm not gonna lie to you, you won't be home much. You'll immediately hit the road and be gone EVERY single weekend". And we were all like..."There was no information about going on tour in the job application?". The place was really big but the studio was small and ugly.
No, we got the information and before he even interviewed me personally I said "Goodbye!" and left. As did two other girls. So if you ever see a job opening at a place called model lab - stay as far away as you possibly can. There are plenty of other people saying this too on the internet.
Suddenly going back to school doesn't feel so bad at all :)


  1. Ohh, wonderful picture!! I always plan to get up at 5am to go out and take some pictures but haven't done it until now, lazy me. :)

  2. åh, min förra handläggare på arbetsförmedlingen tyckte att jag skulle skicka in en ansökan till dem, vilket jag också gjorde - vilken tur att jag aldrig fick något svar! studion som jag sökte till verkar inte ens ha öppnat, haha.

  3. Haha, Annette, ingen av oss 6 som var "förstavalet" hade lust att jobba där... så jag tror att de som väl jobbar där måste vara botten på skrapet för man måste vara tokig att ta det jobbet.
    Du ska vara jätteglad att du aldrig hamna i kontakt med dom!

  4. i'm sorry you had a such a bad experience with model lab. I've never heard of them, but good for you to look out after others! plus, you don't need them honey- that 5am photo is gold!! no modeling lessons for you xx

  5. I would absolutely love to photograph you. You are so beautiful - inside AND out! I am already brainstorming ideas!

    - s

  6. Galatea: I was there for a job as a photographer, not a model - thanx anyway

    Syd: That's really sweet of you to say :)

  7. Oh dear, i almost pass out every single time you post a photo. You are so talentet, well done :)

  8. Thank you Maja, but this one we have to give my boyfriend the credit for!

  9. vad glad jag är att jag hittade den här bloggen. så fina foton o illustrationer.