26 August 2011

Things girls like

I've just recently realized that my photos and illustration mostly speak to girls.
Why did I not know this before? (or rather, how could I not now)
I remember, in photo school, the boys were always so difficult to impress. The type of photography boys liked was very different from what the girls made.
The older you get though... the more you want to please your own senses. And since I'm a girl, I produce things that matches a girls mind.
And also, I think that girls photography often has a lot more feeling to it than boys. It's not so sharp... not so loud. Maybe. Sometimes not. Sometimes it is.

Oh, and I saw Banksys documentary Exit through the gift shop. I had heard of it but but since I'm not that into street art I never bothered to look more closely into it. But my oh my, that was one of the best documentaries I've seen! And although most people might be mostly frustrated about Thierry Guetta making all that money of his non-art, I think it was more fascinating about how the media just ate it up and now he's making album covers for madonna. It just shows how messed up art can be. It's not about the talent. It's just about PR. So it's fascinating how a movie about street art and some weird movie making guy can be so spot on about art. And ok, it's old news. With the right PR you can make anything look good, but I think that this movie particularly showed it in a very good way.


  1. Oh i've seen exit through the gift shop too and i thought just like you. I even found parts of it a little painful to watch.

  2. Yes I agree! There were so many sequences were I turned to my boyfriend and went "Oh my god!! Why??"

  3. Kult å se at du holder produksjonen i gang. Selger du barneboken din over nettet som med kalenderene eller har du andre planer for denne? Gleder meg til å se:) Hvilket program bruker du forresten til å lage stop motion filmene dine? Tenker å måtte komme i gang snart med noe prosjekt, det har gått altfor mye tid uten..

  4. Med barnboken får jag se... det blir min första bok så jag ska inte ta för givet att jag kommer kunna få den tryckt hos ett förlag, men jag kan ju försöka!
    Stop motion gjorde jag i imovie, men det är såklart inte det bästa programmet..men det är lätt att förstå!