12 August 2011

Signor Gatto

After visiting my sister in Italy I promised her an illustration of a cat.
My sister has recently gotten a horse and is soon going to move into a castle-like building so this illustration is combining those things.
My mum is visiting her now... and I'm sorta jealous, I wish I could come down for a second holiday again. Maybe I'll sneak down during autumn... I want to meet the horsy!!!
Thank you for the music advice, I think the best thing was what Britt advised, the music-map.com website!


  1. it looks like neuschwanstein. is it?

  2. For et fantastisk bilde! Søstra di er heldig som får en slik gave!

  3. woo!, glad you like it:) & just to nerd out, there's also http://audiomap.tuneglue.net/ .... kind of the same idea, but prettier, haha!

  4. the most beautiful painting in the house ;). Thank you syster yster again!!! And you are welcome any day to come again :) <3