07 August 2011

A day full of animals

If you live in the south part of Sweden you might have noticed that there has been a horse show in Malmö. Well, I don't know how I have missed this previous years... but it was GREAT. Not so much because of the horses since that isn't were my true interest lays, but there were bunnies everywhere and sooo many dogs... and really pretty cats. You could pet all the dogs and the owners told you about the breed and it was swell. And then later when we went to a restaurant I petted a dog that was on the outdoor seating and the dog got all happy and the owner said "Wow, are you a vet? Our dog has been sad and strange all day, this is the first time he wags his tale", and that made me really happy.

The sheep photo was taken with a direct flash, I rather liked that.


  1. i am soo in love with your eye x

    we need to collab, one day if ever you're in LA xx

  2. Wauw the sheeps photo looks like an old painting, how beautiful. :)

  3. var fina båda fotona blev. (speciellt får-fotot)

  4. Thank you for the nice comments.
    Galatea, I will definitely let you know if I'm in LA one day :)

  5. jag gillar din blogg skarpt. den är väldigt orginell och magisk. inspirerar mig.