28 July 2011

Flash nature

During the summer I've been highly blessed with getting to own a Canon 5D Mark II, and although it is fabulous in all its ways, I still think that removing a pop-up flash on the camera is somewhat arrogant. Everyone says that pop-up flashes are just for amateur losers, but it is actually not true at all. You can do a whole lot of fancy things with the pop-up flash. Like in a heavy snowstorm...wow...the pop up gives you amazing pictures :)
Enough about that, these picture are, as you might have understood, taken with an external flash (that took some time charging between takes)... but I really loooove the pale effect a direct flash gives. So I really like how the pictures turned out. A direct flash is also somewhat taboo among some photographers, it shouldn't be! There are so many useless rules, when I head north to teach photography I'm really annoyed by all the students who pick on each other for useless things....like... your pictures are all grey or your pictures aren't sharp. Most of my favorite pictures are grainy and weak of contrast shots, it makes a photos tell more of a story than a clear documentation of the moment.

A questing for all amazing ulicam-followers, is the size of the photos published on the blog big enough or do you feel that they're a tad tiny winy? I know that most people however don't sit in front of huge screens and therefor bigger pictures can be too big. I edit my pictures on a very big screen and when I scale them down for the blog I sometimes feel that they disappear. Let me know!


  1. I think that they're a good size, but you can also click on the picture to see a bigger version of it. But personally, I think that they're a good size. I really like the flower picture :)

  2. jag gillade den första bilden mest, den ser kul ut :)

    det blir alltid så tufft när man slänger med hår och tyger och fångar det på bild så det ser ut som att det bara står utåt utan nån speciell anledning. :)

  3. I think that some photos do really disapear as u said, but most of them are good size:)


  4. They are a good size. I wouldn't change anything. And I absolutely love your illustrations. You've been such an inspiration to me!

  5. Thanks for the input, I'll leave the size as it is then :)

  6. vah..bara jag som vill ha dem lite större då :P?? ohwell