27 July 2011

Daydream #3

I'm having some animal problem for my daydream project.
And the problem is - it's hard to find people who are willing to let their animals be photographed... and also when you find one, it's hard to find a time in which both the owner and the model are available. Sight. It's just these kind of things that kill the fun in projects.
But, I'll just have to spread the project over a couple of years instead for just this summer!


  1. Do you know many people who have animals? If not, you can always go to a pet shop, hang around there and eventually meet a few people, or even put up a leaflet in the shop if they'd let you. And you can also see about places that train animals or something of the sort.
    I think the project is really wonderful and it's very Uli which is great :)

  2. Well, mostly I just ask people I meet on the street who have an interesting looking dog. Otherwise I email farms who have alpacas...sheep etc. But even when people say "syre you can photograph my dog" they often back out in the end. I've done the flyer thing when I was younger but it wasn't very effective.

    Hopefully something will come up soon!
    Thanks for reading Sofia.

  3. I wish I'd live more closeby.. the netherlands isn't really in the exact neighborhood..

    Good luck! :)