10 July 2011

Back home

Hello hello, I got back yesterday... "unfortunately" the sun is shining here too so I haven't looked through my photos from Italy yet. But keep an eye open during the next days, I'll post something...although I didn't really photograph anything amazing during my vacation... just silly pictures :)


  1. Silly pictures are the best pictures :D

  2. hehe, the sun is nice, it just makes it so much harder to work :)

  3. SILLY YOU! Jaha näh...så kul hade ni då :(..att du inte ens tog EN intressant bild. ja vassegoooo

  4. J'adore ton site.
    Je trouve tes photos et tes dessins magnifiques!
    Découvrir ta personnalité a été pour moi un formidable voyage...

  5. Tess: Det betyder bara att man har haft roligt, att man tagit semesterbilder istället för att överanstränga sig med att skapa bilder.

    Isis: merci beaucoup :)