26 July 2011

Animal back

So you might wonder what happens when you fall asleep in nature?
THIS!! This is what happens! And it's insane. You might think - holy trousers... I never knew. And I know, you never did know. The known was unknown. But now you know!
Isn't it funny how now and know is spelled? It should be NAU for now and NOW for know. But it isn't! And that is something to think about as well. I sure know[now] I will. I will think about it aaaaall day because that is exactly how busy I am!


  1. i'm so admire you! i love your pictures, i love your imagination! (or my image about your imagination or maybe it's the same :))
    anyway, you're very inspire person. for me - since long time.

    greetings from Poland!

  2. For et nydelig, og morsomt bilde!

  3. Thank you Karolina, that is so sweet of you to say :)

  4. jag blir så himla glad och inspirerad av din blogg! världens bästa. jag älskar djur väldigt mycket, och speciellt rävar. det är kanske därför jag gillar dig så mycket! världens finaste bild förresten! puss mimmi

  5. there is something very awkward yet erotic about the concept of lying shirtless- belly down in nature... beautiful.

    and oh the english language, how seldom i ever think of your lack of logic in spellings.

    (i'm sorry if you must take a moment to wrap your brain around, i have always been a wordy fellow)

  6. Mjukismimmi: Vad kul att höra. Ja det är svårt att inte gilla rävar, de är så vackra och gosiga :) Håll utkik efter min kalender som kommer komma ut under hösten, fylld med mina rävillustrationer!

    Kat: Awkward and erotic ey? I'll tell my boyfriend that ^_^