20 June 2011

What would you bring?

What would you bring with you if you were a daydreaming painter, a flute playing shell collector and a fairytale reader?
This may be some of the items.

It's funny when I think about were all these items come from. The featherpen, colored flute and purse are gifts from my sister. I bought the little flute in Rome. The silverbox is a gift from Robert. The brushes and colors are my dads. The tiny dog is from my childhood. The postcard is from my friend Daniel when he was in India. The photograph was a finding in a vintage shop by my grandmothers house in Latvia. The book and the camera are gifts from my dad.The plastic animals are findings from a vintage children's store. And the shells are from some warm beaches south :)


  1. wow. the flute from Rome is gorgeous!! you make me want to travel, and maybe bring out the ole faithful flute which honestly got to be lonely by now. nice collection

  2. i really like this collection of random items! the flute reminds me of one i got in romania when i was two years old.

  3. I'm glad that you like it :)