14 June 2011

Scratching hedgehog in my garden

There was this noise coming from the bush all day. Scrs-scrs-scrs-scrs. What was it?
I only found out a few hours later when I was clipping of some peppermint.
A little itchy hedgehog who couldn't stop scratching himself. He looked so funny! If you don't see the whole clip, make sure you see the bit on 01.14 when his right fot goes way way up and he kinda gets stuck in the grass while scratching. Haha. And people say it's a dark word we live in? How can it be that when you have scratching hedgehogs in your garden?
After a while he was completely exhausted from all the scratching so he just fell asleep in the sun.


  1. oooooooh he is so cute! Pretty impressive that you could film him so close up. They are mostly very shy :D

  2. hahaha nä vad söt!!
    och vad jobbigt det måste va att ha en massa pinnar i vägen så man inte kan klia sig på huden ordentligt!

    det lär ju vara ungefär lika najs som att klia sig på skon när det kliar på foten

  3. Så utrolig morsom! Og nydelig også!

  4. hæællan! Så søt.. hehe. Vi har masse pinnsvin hjemme i Sandefjord. Fant ett inne i stua bak sofaen en gang. Han/hun ble bært ut på et kostebrett. snodige skapninger.

  5. Haha, jag har då aldrig hittat en igelkott bakom min soffa :)